Tales Of Graces Recalled!

Tales Of Graces Recalled!

Namco Bandai has recalled Wii title Tales of Graces for being too buggy.

The company has confirmed 10 defects in the title and has set up an exchange program for those who have purchased the title. Bugs include the inability for players to acquire certain items, music glitches, walking in place, freezing and more. Buggy bug buggity bug bug. Namco Bandai states that the company is revising its quality control system.

Going on sale December 2009, Tales of Graces is the 12th title in the Tales series. It will be released in Europe later this year.

お知らせ | 家庭用ゲーム TOP | バンダイナムコゲームス公式サイト [Namco Bandai]


  • Yeh, they should have just told everyone that those features were by design.

    Seriously, as much as these bugs should never have made it out of the gate, at least NB have the guts to admit the mistakes, and recall the title. When a simple patch isn’t an option I know several games that were just left as they were.

    Kudos to NB on this (and I’m assuming that these bugs will already be fixed in the English version???)

  • The sad thing is you did not see this in the cassette and cartidge days. Heck, before the Internet became common place it was rare to ever see a update for a game or operating system.

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