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This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.

You can talk about games. Or movies. Or politics. Music. Food. Science. Sport. Insert your own miscellaneous off-topic discussion here. Just keep it clean.

I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

Talk amongst yourselves below…


    Really do not wanna be at work today...
    Quick question, building a new computer for myself for gaming and work, wanna know if people think a terabyte worth of hard-drive space would last a while?
    Work stuff won't ever take up more than 10 gb on my hard-drive.

      Depending on how often you download music/tv etc, 1 TB would be plenty.

      @ Nath
      I really think you should get an SSD or two HDD, one for OS and one for data.

      If not affordable, partition 1tb with a ~60Gb OS and programs partition....

        That's actually a really good idea (the SSD or partitioning if I find I can't afford it).
        Cheers for that mate.

    "Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum."

    David, has Kotaku ever though of creating an offical forum?

      This has been asked quite a lot, mate. In fact it's the whole reason for this thread.

      I think the reason we don't have a forum is because of the format of the site - it would kind of defeat the purpose. This is basically just a blog that you can leave comments on, which makes it already somewhat like a forum in a way... A topic is posted then discussed then move on sort of thing...

      So now we have this thread for the stuff that isn't being posted by the editors over at Kotaku HQ - and other random stuff we want to converse over.

      Personally i don't mind not having a dedicated "forum" of sorts - though it would be nice to have a user account system where we could log on and monitor the threads we have posted comments in and possibly even have our own little avatars and the such... stuff like that just helps me feel at home on a web space and helps create a sense of community.

      I hope that helps though...

        Maybe a buffed up comments section could be an option, that allows small avatars and tracking of news posts that have been commented on? Would take a fair bit of work in the backend with databases and the like though.

        A forum built with PHPBB or vBulletin would be ideal

          I'd love a notification on Facebook when someone posts or replies on a thread you posted in. It'd be a notification I actually look forward to, and enable me and the other users of Facebook Connect to easily keep track of discussions.

    Argh those auto-reloading blog posts really need to be toned down, lengthened, or disabled entirely - it's frustrating as hell when I open a tab, do some work, come back to the post to start reading and then the page suddenly refreshes on me!

    I saw David's comments the other day about entering text in the comment field should disable this (temporarily) - surely it'd make more sense to remove the auto-refresh from the posting pages instead?

      I agree. I've been caught out a number of times, halfway through my comment and the page reloads. With a little effort, a simple AJAX control could be used to:

      1. Only reload when the article has been updated.
      2. Do not reload if the user has focus on the comment box.

      My biggest issue was with the auto page reload after I've gotten an embedded video to load. It's frustrating to set a video to completely cache and go off to do something else, only to return to find the page has reloaded and clicking the video requires it to cache again.

      Although, to be fair, I seem to recall that happening less and less recently, so maybe something has been done about it?

      Amen...pretty much my only gripe with the site.

    The dictatorship of South Australia has passed a law making it illegal to post political comment on teh web without mentioning your full name and postcode

    So when people have their identity stolen, i guess they can sue the South Australian government. Guess who imposed it, yes our favourite friend Mr Atkinson

    He slandered the adelaide now site calling it full of putrid humans and criminals commenting.
    Honestly if this doesn't stop South Australians voting for Labor, NOTHING WILL.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how this is constitutional?

      You're missing the part from today where he "has humiliated himself, but will repeal the law retrospectively" meaning that once the elections are over, the law will be removed. With that in mind, he's also said it will not take effect/be policed during the upcoming elections.

      A recient quote from Atkinson after lifting the law..

      "When one gets public opinion wrong, as I did, one has to change one's mind."

      ARE YOU DEAF, ATKINSON!? What about the public outcry for lack of R18?!?!
      For GOD'S sake, a political party has been created just to oppose this.

        No real point to that rant but damn it's infuriating. Having a boss who treats you like a dog is a contributing factor too..

    Did you see that bloke surfing tits in the background on 7 news?

      Aaah Miranda.... :D

      Yeah, Miranda Kerr has actually jumped into the discussion. She believes the man should keep his job and is willing to sign a petition. Funny stuff!

    Just pre-ordered the special collector's edition of Heavy Rain from JB. I'm that excited.

    Anyone else notice that Dante's Inferno has been given an R18+ rating on the playstation store

      I did see that this morning, it was quite amusing...

      Though the 'folder' is rated R18+... the 4 content packs each have MA15+...

    Anyone else playing the alternate reality game "Four Day Challange" that Sony is running to promote Heavy Rain?

    I'm enjoying it thus far and pretty tight usage of 'PSN Home', twitter, youtube, facebook etc thus far.

    So I bought Prince of Persia the other day because it was going for the low price of $30 and my PS3 well has been running a little dry since Dragon age, and its honestly one of the most horrible games I’ve ever played on the PS3 so far.

      And why do you believe that? The point of Talk Amongst Yourselves is to have discussions. Saying that Prince of Persia is one of the most horrible games you've ever played on the PS3 is pointless in this context. Why didn't you like it? Was it the combat, puzzles, art style, the controversial 'no-death' issue, the voice acting, or a combination of the above factors?

      I personally loved PoP, and I'm sad to see a continuation of the Sands of Time series rather than a sequel to the current PoP, but without more depth as to why you disliked it, nobody can have a discussion and/or friendly debate with you.

        Firstly “most horrible game I’ve ever played” may be a slight overstatement, but I didn’t like it and here is why.

        1. The biggest issue I have with the game is the combat
        The combat is horrible, the whole freerunning aspect of the game is smooth, stylish and works really well, but most of all its fast paced. But as soon as you fight anything the game breaks down, rather than use those great freerunning mechanics in the fight all I can do is move slowly along the ground blocking and deciding which moveset this guy is immune to at this point. I hate the fact the combat basically boils down to either button mashing or quick time events. Speaking of those quick time events, why are they in the game?, you don’t suffer anything for getting them wrong and you don’t benefit from getting them right, they are totally pointless.

        2. The characters are totally unlikable
        I don’t understand the character motivation of the Prince, he bitches the whole game about wanting to get the hell out of there, well why doesn’t he?, he’s made it quite obvious that a missing bridge or large gap is no challenge for him, so why stick around?, honestly his only motivation seems to be to want to get laid, and that doesn’t really cut it for me. Elika just lacks any character whatsoever she’s just “the girl” in the game, she doesn’t let you in to her world at all. By the time you learn anything about her its practically the end of the game, and by that point I was just going through the motions.

        3. The game is shamelessly repetitive
        Every portion of the game looks exactly the same give or take a few textures, all the generic monsters look like black blobs, you fight the same bosses about 5 times each killing them all basically in the same way. The moveset is tiny, and the quicktime events are so limited and repetitive that I was able to intercept all of them from the first split second of animation alone. We only have a handful of enemies around the environment that are just the same old black sludge. Every single portion of the game follows the exact same formula
        - Find guy to kill
        - Fight the exact same guy for the 4th time killing him the exact same way.
        - Heal ground
        - OH NO HE’S NOT REALLY DEAD!!1!11!1
        - Rinse and repeat

        4. The game just isn’t logical
        How the hell did this city go from a flourishing city to an absolute mess in the span of a few years?, I may be missing something, but didn’t the corruption just start when Ahriman was released?, and lets say Elika is 30 years old and the city was abandoned when she was 15, no way does a city get that dilapidated in 15 years. I realise I’m totally nitpicking now but the city was totally built as a landscape for the freerunning, the way things are placed would make no sense had this been a real city at one point.

        With that being said the running, jumping, climbing parts are very well done plus the game just looks pretty.

        I’d certainly love to hear the reasons you love the game so much.

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