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    Anyone else dissapointed with the AvP demo?

      I was mainly disappointed in how difficult it was to find a match. I do feel that they made a bad choice with the demo they released and it may affect a lot of would-be buyers.

      Vanilla DM was a bad choice. Most people playing online will be playing Team Deathmatch, Infestation, Predator Hunt or the Co-Op survivor.

      I understand that they wanted to show off each race and their differences, I just feel that Infestation or Predator Hunt would have been a better way of doing that.

      The map choice didn't help either. Very small arena with minimal lighting. Not a great way to show off the games graphics.

      I did have fun with the demo when I could find a game and it hasn't changed my thoughts on the game, for better or worse. I'll still be picking this up at launch.

      When I could finally find a game, I didn't think it really had anything that will revolutionise FPS multiplayer and have to admit I was expecting much better graphics.

      I will still check out the reviews, but at this stage I don't think I will be pre-ordering...

      Shame really - I love the Aliens franchise :(

      standard deathmatch was a terrible idea. especially when you can't choose what race you want to play as. plus, the predators ninja star is bullshit.

        You absolutely can choose what race, just select the race and press X, your selection will change...

          damn, im a sexy bitch.

      I tried my best to enjoy it. Still needs a touch up and hopefully that will come through when the game is released. BTW did anyone else have fun being the marine the most?? Scrambling to find the nearest good weapon without getting your spine removed proved quite the challenge :)

      I have to say I hated the demo. It looked terrible, finding a game was near impossible and Death match multiplayer bores me to tears.

    I firmly believe that Half Life 2 ep 3 is officially dead and that Gabe from Valve is just building the courage to tell us they have abandoned the game to focus on other lucrative markets.
    Rest In Peace HL2ep3 your death is a tragic loss to gamers everywhere. :(

      Theyve had soo much success in the L4D sector that they probably dont want to try to create a singleplayer game like HL2 ep3.

      I hope they do though. I want to look through the Apperture Science ship!!!

    Hey all, what's the best PS3 singstar game?

    A set of wireless mikes landed in my lap over the weekend (and a PS2 singstar, which i'll ditch), so I'm wanting to put them to good use.

      Keep the Singstar PS2 disc as you can use them with the PS3 singstars.

        Aaah cool thanks for the heads up on that, I wasn't aware of that feature.

        The PS2 version I've got is "Boy Bands vs Girl Bands"; and while I cringe at the song list, they all look like the kind of horrible songs which would just get more and more awesome on a drunken karaoke night... :D

          Just make sure you find a copy of the original Singstar with 'Never gunna give you up' on it :D

      Sony pretty much nailed the game mechanics of SingStar from day one, with enough improvements made over the years that the only substantial difference between each title is the song list.

      So it comes down to personal music taste. Or in my case my wife’s music taste. Lets face it these games are only party starters and are very rarely used individually by the console owner.

    Had another PS3 LAN Saturday night, Was bloody awesome.

    i cooked a bbq Lamb chops and snags YUM! then i ran out of gas, the back up was also empty and the wife had my wallet at a friends place (sadface)

    anyway after butchering the chops on the pan fryer, we got stuck into some AVP demo.
    This was one game i was really looking forward too
    but i just couldn't get into it hopefully the SP campaign is better.

    Next up was some bad company 2, Never played the first one, however, i was a big fan of Bf2 on PC.
    BC2 was an instant hit with the boys, it was a refreshing change of pace from the Frantic action of modern warfare 2.

    2 things worry me about this game;

    A: my time is already precious between: Wife, Baby, Work, sleep and modern warfare 2.

    Will i have time to enjoy BC2 and commit myself to the ranking up? (i'm still only lvl 65 on MW2)

    B: Player numbers. while playing the demo i couldn't help but notice a distinct lack of people getting around.
    At one point their was only 2-3 of us in a game, I know it will be better after launch but still i know 12 months down the track i can fire up MW2 and their will still be tens of thousands of ppl to play with.

    Anyway we got sick of playing by ourselves and fired up MW2, The party was back and the shouting and swearing was copious.

    I'd like to say a quick thank you to TPG and my new Linksys WAG160 n for a Lag and trouble free night :D :D

      How many PS3's did you have setup? and were you playing online with all the consoles or only LAN?

        We had 4 PS3's and yea Online with all consoles, we finally stopped at 3am only cause the wife came home with Bub.

          Nice, that sounds awesome.

          I'm surprised you had a hard time finding players for the BC2 demo, I played for a few hours over the weekend and was in full 24-player matches the whole time.

          I really enjoyed playing Bad Company 2, was a nice change of pace from Modern Warfare 2. Had a blast playing as a sniper and correctly calculating the bullet drop! =P

          If you've got the cash, I'd say pick this up. Its different enough from MW2 and the Battlefield player-base are usually in it for the long haul.

          a LAN till 3am? getting old mate?

            HAHA well just turned 30 so hmmmmm, If the wife and baby had not returned it probably would have gone on a lot longer :)

              nah thirty isnt old! just remember the last LAN i went to we only stopped about 40hours later
              man i love playing video games till you start hallucinating or thinking that you are a CT unit... damm you vegas 2!!!

    For anyone who is interested Apogee is making an announcement for the Rise of the Triad reboot either later today or tomorrow.

    I for one am excited because i loved the original game and i am excited to see what Apogee have cooking.

      Nice! I loved ROTT back in the day, will keep checking up on the twitter page for updates.

      Bah, was only ROTT for iPhone.

      Would have preferred a PSN/XBLA release with updated HD visuals and multiplayer or a new entry in the series.

        I know im dissapointed too but this is only the first in a long list of announcements.

        Optimisim... I hope it pays off.

    GOW3 is going to be 119.95

    screw you sony and the horse you rode in on

    we are enjoying almost 1:1 with the US dollar and you do this

    screw you, you make a region free system, i import when you want to gouge me


      Pricing comes from EU market, not the US. Still sucks either way.

      Thats the Collecto'r Edition of the game. Although I havn't seen a standard edition on EB, JB or GAME's websites.

      JB has actually completely removed God of War III from there upcoming games section.

      You have a PS3, the ONLY completely region free console, and you are complaining about local prices?????

      Are you DAFT man? Import the damn game!

    Am I only the only one who made the mistake of buying Tastunoko Vs Capcom super cheap of CD Wow, only to find out almost 2 weeks later they still haven't got any copies in stock?

    Does anyone know what's going on with Dragon Age Origins: Awakening on PS3? The US seems to be getting a disc but I can't find any EU listing anywhere.

      It says in the system here that its realease date is the 18th of March and will be 49.95 rrp. Hope that helps:)

      Wait sorry that is for the 360 version. The ps3 version does not have a date nor a price in our system only the fact that it is comeing on PS3

      Sorry man :(

    Finally finished Mass Effect 2 after 31 hours. Fantastic Game, I have every intention on continuing and completing the rest of the side missions (and totally boning all the ladies).

      I started playing last night and couldn't put it down, finally crashed at 4 in the morning and only got 3 hours sleep last night. Been a long time since a game has made me do that.

      I can't believe the difference from the first game, it's like night and day. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the first. It had a few cool moments, and a lot of potential, but it was just a horribly flawed game and massively overrated.

      ME2 however, well, I still need to beat it, but if it keeps up this quality I'm almost ready to call it my game of the year for 2010 (and it's only February). I just can't imagine anything on the horizon topping this.

    Grabbed the God of War 3 E3 demo off PSN last night. Hot damn it's awesome. Now if only someone is nice enough to buy me a pre-order for it for my b'day today.. Where's the god of wishful thinking when you want it?

    Is anyone looking foward to Blazblue as much as I am??

      I certainly am. However, I'm currently doing the unemployed thing, so having the money by the time it drops might not be possible, unfortunately.

      I was, back in August last year.
      I don't see why you wouldn't import it from America.
      Been playing it for ages.
      It's the same game, great fun, and I've had it for like 6 months.

        Because I have a 360 and no PS3. The 360 version is region-locked, making it (legally) impossible for me to import and play it on my PAL console.

      Had my copy since August and it is glorious. To this day still extremely impressed with the net code on PS3. Never had an issue with lag regardless of where the openent is playing. Playing local vs with two fighting sticks makes for some fun times too. After all this time I still cant play the game very well though!

    People that are looking to get MAG... Check with your local GAME store, regardless of whether or not your pre-ordered, I was informed today that those that purchase a copy of MAG at their local (not online) will be offered to purchase the Official Sony Wireless Headset for $5

    $5 is a steal, considering they are supposed to be $79...

      Was playing MAG yesterday - pretty awesome, and the official headset is pretty much made for it; voice-activated speech works fine. Def worth $5!!

    Sooo... what's the deal with the news story on channel ten last night about the Adelaide guy who agreed to pay nintendo a million bucks for uploading Mario? Why haven't I heard about it on any gaming news sites? (at least, I haven't noticed it...)

      Oh, and there it was when I went looking for it... my mistake! *facepalm*

    Did anyone catch Conroy on Hungry Beast yesterday? Apparently he wants Google to enforce Australian refused classification laws on Youtube.

    The video is up here (I can't watch it, I'm at work) so is it as bad as I'm imagining?

      Sorry, Hungry Beast video link:

    Where was the promised Red Dead Redemption writeup from earlier this week!??! :(:(:(

    Shame on you Seamus.... *groans* ;)

    Something wrong with the Facebook Login??

    Anyway got MAG last night and was loving it, until the boss rang me with an emergency DOH!!

    Didn't get home until 2300 Grrr

    Will try again tonight :D

    How many of you guys are planning on checking out Heavy Rain? Since reading a few reviews I am more intrigued than ever. I haven't had a emotionally harrowing gaming experience since...ummm.....hmm...Silent Hill 2.

      Very much so; so much that I'd dodging reviews like the plague to avoid spoilers.

        I just watched the one. Fortunately it was very careful to avoid talking about the plot/story at all and mostly talked about the game design. I'm refraining from snooping anymore....

      I've had this pre-ordered for sometime now, big fan of Fahrenheit on the PS2 (aside from the shit plot twist).

      There are reports that Heavy Rain doesn't have this problem and stays true the whole way through, which was enough for me.

      Many people aren't going to like the game and I can completely understand where those people come from, it's not just a "standard game". PS3 owners owe it to themselves to at least give it ago though... It's certainly going to be a different experience...

      I'm definitely getting it, love a good narrative driven game.

    Does anyone know of any retailers that are notorious for breaking street dates? I'm badly in need of a copy of AvP before the 17th, as I'm leaving for Malaysia for 6 months :(

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