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Talk Amongst Yourselves

This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.

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I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

Talk amongst yourselves below…


  • Off to Sydney for UFC110 YEEEEAAHH!! 😀

    Anyone else keen on UFC, or does everyone here think it’s just a homo-erotic example of blokes rolling around on the ground??

    • I like the UFC, but the shows they have been putting on for like the last few months are boring as hell, Coleman v Couture?, Tito v Ortiz?, Nogueira v Velasquez, no thanks. I guess this is what happens when you put all your eggs into one basket, all your bankable fighters are either injured or not fighting for a few months, and your left with some lacklustre shows.

      • Really? I’m pretty stoked about the lineup for this one…

        Nogueira vs Velasquez – should be gold, even tho Nogueira’s an old man, he’ll still put up a good fight.
        Silva vs Bisping – Awesome

        And then Jardine and Crocop in the other main events… plus 2 Aussies fighting in the prelim cards, should bring the house down 🙂

  • Anyone else looking forward to Heavy Rain but completely turned off by the voice acting? Most reviews seem to think it’s unimportant but with such a heavy character focus I can’t help but dwell on it

    • Played the demo last night, don’t really understand what everyone hates about the voice acting.

      My biggest concern is I don’t really like the genre of the story. I really like what they are doing with the controls and in game story telling but I find murder/suspense/whatever this genre is to be boring.

      This leaves me a bit conflicted as to whether to pick this up, I want to support developers doing new and interesting things like this but I have real concerns as to whether I’d be able to enjoy it.

  • Does anyone have any idea why I can’t connect with Facebook anymore? Everytime I click the button, I get an error message saying “Invalid API key specified”.

  • Not sure who among the Kot.AU reader base has an interest in/actively collects Star Wars figures/memorabilia, but this is too awesome to not post:

    I’ve got the AT-AT Hasbro released as a part of their resurrection of the Star Wars toy line in the 90s, but this new one is pure undistilled awesome. I’ve been out of the collection loop for a while, but with the Clone Wars kicking it up a notch and some of the utterly amazing toys being released, it’s making it very very hard to resist. Although them (Hasbro) making the mail-away “Firing Missile” Boba Fett US/Canada only makes me a sad Panda 🙁 ( if you’re curious as to what I mean)

  • Ok so I got my ps3 like 1 month before they switched them all to mandatory 80 gig models, anyway after all the large installs, save files, updates and DLC my PS3 is pretty much out of room, does anyone know what brand of HDD I have to buy? (I want a 320 gig one) and where I can buy one?

    • Mate no brand, you can pick up any of these from

      2.5” W.D. SATA-320G / 500G 67 / 100

      2.5” Seagate SATA-250G / 320G / 500G 62 / 69 / 109

      I have a Wd in mine.

      I am in no way affiliated with MSY, just love their prices 🙂

      • I have heard of some issues with Seagate drives and PlayTV stuttering so just to be on the safe side I would advise you go for the WD model.

        I actually upgraded mine last week with a WD 500 GB drive from MSY (natch).

        Make sure you stick a copy of the PS3 firmware on the drive that you back up your data to (any old USB drive formatted as FAT32).

        So nice to not have to worry about space (gone from a 40GB model)! For the time being at least.

  • I’d like to mention a phenomenon that I’m currently undergoing. Discovering the magic of older games in a genre that I never give the time of day to.

    I’m currently working my way through Mass Effect 1 so I can play the reportedly sublime Mass Effect 2. My son has had Mass Effect at home now for a while and I never really cared to play it as the whole RPG side of things really doesn’t turn me on. After the coverage that Mass Effect 2 is getting on just how amazing it is, I forced myself to get into ME1 so I could be a part of the large mass of people (reviewers included) who believe that ME2 is one of the greatest games made in recent years. I’m only 8 hours in, and admittedly, they were 8 pretty tough hours but only last night did I get to a point where I actually said to myself “holy shit…. this game is awesome!”

    I spent the first few hours of the game completely confused with the menus and how to use upgrades and collected items, using my team and upgrading them etc…. Last night the penny dropped and now I fully get how to manage everything and understand what the hell I’m doing which has turned this game from the completely confusing into something I can’t wait to get a bit further into.

    The worst thing I found which would’ve been the bane for many people playing the first game was just how crap it plays when you first start out. This was what initially put me off. Once I got some aiming upgrades and weapon upgrades though….well…. now my character actually feels like a formiddable force as opposed to a bumbling idiot. It’s really quite satisfying to go into a firefight now wheras before I was dreading finding enemies from fear of being raped….. which I was…. constantly.

    I also realise that many people hated ME1 but love ME2, so for me to really be enjoying ME1 right now, ME2 could possibly make me blow my cookies. I can’t wait to play it but there’s part of me that just HAS to play the first before delving into the second, and now I’m just loving this first game that many people hate. Sure, I do see it’s problems but they’re minimal really… it’s still an awesome game.

    Could this be the game which turns my RPG hating ways around? Admittedly there is a lot of satisfaction in upgrading your character from weak to all-powerful as opposed to all the FPS’s that I usually exclusively play where you’re badass from day 1.

    To those who own ME1 but haven’t played much of it, I implore you to dig it out and push through the tedious, confusing first few hours. I’m just loving it and I cannot wait to get my hands on ME2 for a slice of gaming nirvana.

    • I love RPG’s, I love ME2, but I still think ME1 is an utter bore even after forcing myself to give it another go before jumping into ME2.

      I don’t really think ME1 is a good indicator of whether you’d like other RPGs either as it’s quite different and almost it’s own genre (as some people claim ME2 is). Although if you’re willing to give some older games a go I would suggest Deus Ex and System Shock 2, both hybrid shooter/RPGs and some of the best games of all time. Unfortunately they might be a bit tricky to track down and get working on a modern PC.

      • no I’m not finding it boring anymore, after 8 hours in I’m actually really loving it. And ME2 looks to up the ante considerably so I think I’m gonna just love it. At least I’m past the confusion and can now get down to some serious exploring, team management, and battles whilst looking forward to playing ME2 in the process. I’m not going to do any of the side missions though, I just want to belt through the story and then I’ll work on ME2 and do everything I possibly can to complete it. Not interested in helping anyone in ME1 though.

        • I’m a pretty strong RPG fan so I loved every moment of ME1, even the driving around in the Mako exploring planets, though it seems enough people hated it for it to be completely removed in ME2.

          However if you aren’t a big fan of RPG’s you may enjoy ME2 even more. I would say the overall story is about the same perhaps not quite as good as the discovery of the reapers, and the incredible ending on ME1. However the individual quests in ME2 are more interesting.

          Also a lot of the RPG elements have been simplified, you won’t have to worry about inventory management, and the levelling up has been made a little simpler too. Though I didn’t like the lack of inventory management, it does make the game a lot easier to play. Not to mention the shooter elements have been polished to near perfection.

    • I’m also making my way through ME1 as the reviews of ME2 are just too good to miss. Since I picked up a brand new copy for $20 it was a no brainer.

      I am however a fan of the RPG genre but in recent years haven’t been able to find the time to get into one properly. I played, loved and finished KOTOR and the similarities are instant.

      I recently came to the conclusion that you don’t have time for anything in life, you either make time or go without.

      Really looking forward to getting deeper in to ME1 and eventually up to ME2.

    • What is the multiplayer like? I don’t have a gold membership so am wondering what I’m going to miss out on?

      Is it important to the backstory of Rapture (as several reviews suggest)?

  • Question for David and Seamus.

    Are you guys gonna get in on the Kotaku Podcasts with your American counterparts? It’d be great for that to happen, then you can chat about our ratings system and various other gaming related stuff with Stephen Totilo and Brian Crecente. They’re pretty cool guys and it’s a great podcast. I just thought it’d be cool if some of our guys could represent!

  • Is anyone…ANYONE interested in the fact that Star Ocean: The Last Hope International came out last Friday?
    It is amazingly fun for me, then again I’m a SO fanboy, that may have something to do with it.

  • I just want to give some site feedback.

    Mainly I view Kotaku via my phone. For whatever reason, the m.kotaku for Australia is different from the US one – instead of a simple list of articles, the au site has a few per page and a little graphic and so on.

    Yeah, it looks more nifty but it’s a complete pain in the arse and I never use it, and for that reason I rarely see the au content. It takes ages to load, usually even in 3G areas (though I think my provider, Virgin, is crap) and having only a few articles per page instead of the long list of the US site means I have to load a new page constantly to scan through to the articles I actually want to read. It’s just not worth using at all, and given the US articles appear on the US site first, the only point to the au m.kotaku is to view au articles.

    It would probably work better for me personally if the only articles uploaded to the mobile site were the au articles, then able to switch to the much faster and more convenient US site for their content.

    I thought I’d mention it because if other people have my problems then you might have a site there that’s no use to anyone.

  • I haven’t seen this posted anywhere on here so I thought I’d let everyone know.

    I was on XBox Live Marketplace last night just having a look at a few things, I was thinking about buying Root Beer Tapper, went to the unlock full game button and it came up as free. Cool, I thought. Then I hit the button and it came up with an error.

    I did a bit of searching tonight and found out that it has been de-listed along with every other Midway title without any notice at all. Here’s the page if anyone wants to have a look.

  • Is anyone else having problems signing in with Facebook Connect? I keep getting API errors when I attempt to log in, despite clearing all Kotaku/Facebook cookies, cache etc..

  • So, who else is scared for the future of computer gaming?

    EA and Ubisoft seem content with screwing us over, while we all know they’re targets, the pirates, will crack the thing in days.

  • Is anyone else having extreme problems with AvP multiplayer? I just get stuck at the searching for games screen. I’ve tried a dozen times for about 10 minutes each, and only once did I ever find 1 other player. But that wasn’t enough to start a game and eventually I gave up.

    Though the single player isn’t bad multiplayer is what I was really looking forward to, if I can’t get it working, I might take it back.

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