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    The Winter Olympics... is it me, or is Channel 9's coverage rather average?

    Whilst the timezone difference doesn't help, it just doesn't seem to be that important to them. Vancouver Gold is put on too late for the recap of the days action.

    Eddie McGuire should not try and be Bruce McAvaney as he is failing terribly. Bruce did get annoying, but I'll take him any day over Eddie.

      Yeah i agree. The times when they choose to air the recaps is my biggest pet hate. Definitely wish they started earlier.

      Channel 9 must have gone to extreme lengths to get the Winter Olympic coverage, but what have they done with it. Ensured they won't get it again? I would have honestly thought that for something that comes around once every four years there would have been more effort put into it and that it would have been presented during prime time.

      Something about Eddie McGuire hosting it seems off as well. Not quite sure why, but when he presents he just annoys me lol.

        Channel 9 have the highlight rights to the winter olympics. Foxtel have the full broadcast rights, which is why you would be thinking the coverage on 9 is terrible.


          Foxtel has the pay tv rights, nine has teh FTA rights. If nine wanted to show 24/7 winter olympics they would be allowed.

          Nine's coverage is poor is because they know it doesn't rate, however the IOC is smart. The summer and winter olympic tv packages come in a deal. If you want summer you have to take winter and you have to pay for it. and not only that you have to broadcast it.

          To be able to afford the London 2012 games and 2010 Vancouver Games, Nine had to partner with Foxtel to outbid seven for full exclusive rights. With the financial power of Foxtel they were able to beat Channel 7 despite the fact 7 had a 'first and last' clause in its last IOC contract (which means that 7 had the right to bid higher then any other bid before IOC closed the deals).

          So basically 9 doesnt' care about the WO, and you can expect a whole lot better coverage with the summer olympics

          That said, Foxtel is doing a fantastic job with the WO (assuming you wanted to pay 60 bucks extra or hae had fox 5 years (in which case they are broadcasting it to you for free as a loyalty bonus)

      Yeah, I miss "The Dream" with Roy and H.G.

      Those guys were really funny, and actually made the (winter) olympics fun to watch.

    Joy. I now actually have PS3 games to play! My copy of Bayonetta (Asia version unfortunately) and LBP rocked up today, with Disgaea 3 hopefully getting here tomorrow. Then all I need is enough spare time to play them all + finish Darksiders.

    I never learn.

    Anyway, happy Monday everyone!

      bah, Monday sucks there's no happiness

        Yeah, I'm currently in that boat also... it's pay week (which is a good thing), but the few days before it are always a royal pain in the ass...

          ...please....please kill me... then i can sleeeeep....

            mmmm delicious sleep....

            also delicious Chernobyl

    Picked up City Of Heroes Architect edition from EB games for $13... i'll be connecting my internet tonight..

    Anyone actually played this game? Is it good? I'm really hoping so because i have serious aspirations to be a super hero...

      City of Heroes/Villains is quite fun (or at least it was, back when I last played it), though much like any mmo that has been out for a long while now, there is a surplus of people who have been everywhere and done everything, leaving new players with a long way to go to catch up.

      The character creator is fun, you can make pretty much anything. I made the A-Team once. Fools were pitied.

    Just wondering, anyone know how long Seamus is around for? He has written some decent articles, so I'm hoping his departure is later, rather than sooner.

    Ok -

    It's monday
    I'm at work
    It's really slow
    It's realllllly slow
    I'm Bored...

    So, i let my photoshop skillzz (2 z's for added awesome) loose and i now present to you:


      wow dude you must be REALLY bored!
      that dante sure is dreamy....

      I dare you to ask DW when they will announce the STALKER winners

        I sure am. We have literally had 3 orders processed today and our Quickbooks is not working properly so it's taking me 10 minutes per sales order to write off only a couple of items.. words can't explain how horrible today truely is. haha

        And that Dante is only dreamy because i taught him all his moves.

        And it's not really so much of a dare for one simple reason.... I AM DAVID WILDGOOSE!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!!

        Winners will be announced when i say they are ready so sit tight and enter the Abba/Napolean comp

          oh man but i dont want to listen to that song like 50 times to get it right


          also im moving tomorrow so no time to listen to abba

            That's ok mate, i'm getting taken along to see the Mama Mia Production on thursday, so i have to sit through an entire show of Abba "classics" *shudders*.

            Plus i just finished moving myself. Due to that fact, before last night i hadn't played a game in 2 weeks... my god it was unbearable. And even last night it was only Mario Kart and Rockstar Table Tennis with my lovely girlfriend... My whole body is aching with the need for a good few hours of solid core gaming...

    Is it me... or is Nintendo just picking on Australia at the moment. I just two weeks, some guy was fined $1.5 Mil for uploading New Super Mario Bros Wii and then some Aussie company got fined half a mil because they sell R4 carts.

    IMO... Nintendo should be more focused on game protection for the DS cartridges then making stupid iterations of the same handheld console.

      Do you mean the stupid iterations of the same handheld console that pretty much print money? Yeah, I'm sure they'll move their focus off that soon enough.

      The problem with focusing too heavily on piracy protection is you get to a state where you're punishing legitimate customers for doing the right thing. Ubisoft, for example, is right in the middle of it at the moment. Sure, you can invest tons of money into ways to stop pirates from pirating your products, but eventually somebody is going to crack it.

      So what Nintendo does is release a newer model of their current handheld console with negligible upgrades for the consumer, and new lock-outs for existing exploits. This then makes them a ton of money, as most of the technology was already there, bringing down manufacturing costs and getting people to repurchase a slight upgrade to something they already have. They then sue the companies that attempt to bring the piracy to mass markets, and make examples of people like the guy who supposedly leaked New Super Mario Bros Wii.

      Seems like pretty solid business acumen to me.

    Who here's getting Bad Company 2? The demo's awesome, and I'm not even getting tired of Port Valdez.

    Just recieved my Pile of Crap stuff, so I'm hoping I can trade some in for a late birthday present to myself, since it's on Saturday.

      I'll be picking up Bad Company 2, loved the demo!

      I've been reading about a 'Hardcore' mod with no HUD, no spotting, increased bullet damage etc... sounds pretty good.

      I'll be getting it... I'm just hoping there's some substance to the campaign as well as the multiplayer... MW2 in retrospect was a glorified demo of a game that could've been a lot more. Oh well, as for the demo, I didn't get to play it for long thanks to my jurassic period 20gb hard drive...

      Oh, and they've taken ages to send your stuff as well? Hahahaha, I'm less worried about my review comp DVD's now :p

    I thought I’d give my thoughts on a few games I got here since they don’t qualify for the 3 month limit on reader reviews.

    Wanted: Weapons of fate
    This game was much better than I thought it would be, it’s funny (at least to me anyway) the characters are totally unlikable but that’s the point. I only have 2 issues with this game.
    1. too easy, the game is a cakewalk. I jumped right into the hardest difficulty available from the start and I only died maybe 2 or 3 times throughout the whole game. Cover is just a bit too helpful and health regen is just too fast.
    2. too short, I’m guessing the developers intended this to be a game designed to be a rental. The whole game is over in about 5 hours. But still the game is fun and action packed.

    I actually really like this game, it made a pretty bad first impression because the first 10 missions or so are pretty similar but once I got some good gear and was able to actually use some tactics in my fights I really warmed up to it. I took the game online for the first time just yesterday and it runs surprisingly well.

    Oh... not that I watch morning TV... lol... but did anyone else see Seamus Byrne on one of those tacky morning shows this morning talking about Chat Roulette?

    I didn't realise he was the guy from here :p I lol'd... that and I watched that entire Byteside panel thing he was on without realising it was him... hahahaha... I think it was the photo in his introductory post where he's all pimped with the purple Saints Row gear... you need a more recognisable photo, dude!

    hey i was thinking of selling my old copy of twisted metal black seeing that david jaffe more less confirmed the ps3 version.
    what do you guys think is afair price to charge?

    btw, i think kotaku should have an area where ppl can discuss gmae prices. like 'talk amongst yourselves but in relation to game reselling.

    Oops just in case anyone wanted the link on the jaffe story:

    Hey just a heads up that Dick Smith have GTA: Chinatown Wars on PSP for $29 at the moment and a few other cheaps deals at the moment.

    Finally got around to submitting my input for the R18+ - better late than not at all. I feel incredibly good about myself now :) hehe

    On a side note last night - got taken to see Mama Mia at her majesty's theater last night. I'm not an abba fan, but i have to say it was pretty damn good.

    Whats the deal with the PS3 version of Bad Company 2 being delayed until the 11th ???????

    PC and XBOX are still on schedule.

    Sux, we were going to play it at the lan!

    Anyone here play Buzz online?, specifically Brain of oz?. I tried logging in to play an online game today and I waited around for about 1 hour and no one was online (talk about a dead online community). Anyway if you do play my PSN id is mossy2953 shoot me a friend request.

    Also if you play Borderlands or Far Cry 2 add me, it would be nice to play with a host that doesn’t boot me as soon as i enter a game.

      Oh and if anyone does come across this message and does add me please send me a message first saying you’re from kotaku.

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