Team Fortress 2 Gets A New Game Mode

Valve's Team Fortress 2 got a little more interesting today, with the addition of a new game mode called "Highlander". Yeah, you can see where this is going.

With the classic 1986 film still on the developer's minds following the recent Demoman update, Highlander mode sees two teams of nine square off, with only one player on each team able to represent a class. So one Soldier, one Sniper, one Heavy, etc.

I love this, as when played it'll force people to not only work as a true team, but also hone their skills on unfamiliar classes.


    i dont know if i can say this on kotaku so ill say it anyways, i a came bricks and shat buckets.

    Awesome, no moar class hoppers who're like "that guy who killed me wuz sniper = I'll go sniper!"

    Its not really a new game mode as such... more like a server config, similar to tournament mode..

    Highlander has been played in scrims and pugs since forever..

    Its nice to see Valve add official support for it but in a weeks time highlander servers will be about as popular as arena server..

    Man, I always thought it would be an awesome tournament structure to have 9v9 with only one of each class per side. Looks like Valve had the same idea.

    Yeah, what Khuntza said, 'Highlander' is one of the oldest rules sets in Team Fortress (1&2).

    Though it is nice to now have an easy cvar for the setting to be implemented on servers.

    Same as said above - valve should credit the community with this one

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