The 40th Day Continues In Chapters Of Deceit

Can Salem stop this nurse from getting between him and Rios? Find out in Chapters of Deceit, a new campaign map pack for Army of Two: The 40th Day, appropriately slated for an April 1 release.

Chapters of Deceit presents two new story chapters for The 40th Day, in which players come across intel that could halt the invasion of Shanghai once and for all. As the screens indicate, there'll be more explosions, more dragging your incapacitated buddy around, and more splitting up to see if you can make that whole long-distance mercenary relationship thing work.

I'm just a bit wary of the name, coupled with that release date. Deceit and April 1? It's very suspicious.

Of course, I could just be paranoid, in which case look for the DLC to hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on April 1 for 800 Microsoft points or $US9.99.


    lol... maybe they should spend more time on developing patches for this that fix all the bugs and crashes...

      Yep those bugs that I did (not) ecounter during my 3 play throughs.

    "Can Salem stop this nurse from getting between him and Rios?"

    I won't write the joke, you all already know it.

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