The Best PC Mods For 2009 Were…

The Best PC Mods For 2009 Were…

Mod DB, the central hub for all things mod-related on the PC, released over the weekend their editors’ and readers’ picks for the best mods of 2009.

You may have seen some of these – like Galactic Warfare and NeoTokyo – featured previously on Kotaku. Others may be entirely new to you (and us!).

Regardless, all are the result of untold hours of free, unpaid work by their respective developers, some great, some excellent, and it’s always nice seeing that kind of work be given its dues.


Best Art Direction: Out Of Hell (UT2004)

Best Upcoming Indie Game: Overgrowth

Best Upcoming Mod: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei (Half-Life 1)

Best Indie Game: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

Best Multiplayer Mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends (Crysis)

Best Singleplayer Mod: The Nameless Mod (Deus Ex)


Mod Of The Year: MechWarrior: Living Legends (Crysis)

Second Place: Research & Development (Half-Life 2)

Third Place: NeoTokyo (Half-Life 2)

Fourth Place: Star Wars: Galactic Warfare (Modern Warfare)

Fifth Place X: Renegade (Unreal Engine 3)

Sixth Place: Median XL (Diablo II)

Seventh Place: Third Ageeee: Total War (Medieval: Total War)

Eighth Place: The Nameless Mod (Deus Ex)

Ninth Place: C&C: Shockwave (C&C: Generals)

Tenth Place: Resistance & Liberation (Half-Life 2)


First Place: Mortewood Plaza (Half-Life 2)

Second Place: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei (Half-Life 1)

Third Place: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front (Company of Heroes)

Fourth Place: Opposing Force 2 (Half-Life 2)

Fifth Place: Raindrop (Half-Life 2)


First Place: Natural Selection 2

Second Place: Overgrowth

Third Place: 0 AD

Fourth Place: FOnline: 2238

Fifth Place: Platinum Arts Sandbox

If you’re wondering where Black Mesa got to, it’s there, with an honourable mention. It’s had enough awards, though, it’s time to get the thing done and out the door.

You can read more about each mod, as well as find download links for those available, at the link below.

[2009 Mod of the Year Awards]

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