The Big Picture, In A Tattoo


    Pretty lame. And god people with tattoos are ugly...

      "And god people with tattoos are ugly…"

      Pretty broad statement for such a narrow opinion.

        i lol'd especially because some of the celebs he probs thinks are hot have tats

          Lol, no, maybe not "all" people with any tattoos are ugly... way to take what I say literally. I mean people like this who go all out and embrace tattoo "culture"... it's pretty common knowledge that people generally do this out of lack of self esteem. I bet if she turned around you'd see more piercings than face...

            I have two sleeves and chest tattoos, my self esteem is rather fine, thank you for voicing an opinion about what people do to their own bodies that doesn't concern you at all!

            Haha man you know nothing

            some just want the art

            for others its rebelling against the norm

            It has a personal meaning/reminder of something

            and it can be just another way of owning your body which has nothing to do with self esteem


              I think you're confusing me with someone who gives a fuck.

                Bitches be trollin

                I always find it curious when people care enough to let people know that they certainly don't care.

                Face it buddy, you tried to back-peddle, then ended up saying the same thing anyway, in essence.

      "And gawd bigots are ugly"

    Bahahahhaha, i love the other tattoo

    "Nobody suspects the butterfly... muahahah.."

    I think the bigger cause for concern is the haircut.

    I think the post isn't about how ugly the tattoo is.
    I like the idea, it'd probably translate into a good shirt.

    wow, hope those tats are fake.

    It is pretty poorly done, I can only assume she's friends with someone who's learning the ropes. She can always get it covered up later on.

    What the hell is going on with that woman's chin/neck on the left?!!!

      its like a hairy double chin neckroll sort of wookie/jabba the hutt crossover

    Putting aside whether I like the tattoo or not - that's too subjective to bother with - it doesn't look very well done. Very rough and sketchy, and not in a way that looks at all intentional.


    I think you’re confusing me with someone who gives a fuck."

    Well.. strangely yes Mr Robson, because I dont know whether or not you are aware but you are going to the trouble of voicing your opinions on the intrawebzorz. A device for communication and correlation of ideas.

    This leads me to believe you do, in fact, give a fuck. Or just likemaking silly comments for the sake of it.. that you dont actually think.. =D

    i'm just having a giggle about the button with "be young" on it... another way for a tattoo to become retarded with age

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