The God Of Casemods Rages At His Legless Future

This is a PC casemod. Meaning there's a personal computer somewhere inside that mannequin of Kratos, star of Sony's God of War series. Meaning terror is only ever a spreadsheet away.

I admire the intent. And the craftsmanship. But the execution? No way I could have that thing anywhere near me while using a PC. I'm a light enough sleeper as it is.

Case de computador do Kratos (God of War) [Guilherme Serrano @ andafter, via Joystiq]


    One word..AWESOME.

    Is there anything the God of war can't do?


    I mean, he killed a god, changed his fate, kills anyone who stands against him or looks at him wrongly, pissed Zeus off and can bed any woman of his choosing. And now he has finally become... a computer. Game over people.

    Any achievements we make, you can be damn sure Kratos would have done it better, or called in at the chamber of fates to make sure you were never born.

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