The Road To IGF Is Paved With Good Games

Indie games are important. No, not because they're sometimes "art", but because of the innovations, the stirring of the pot they sometimes lead to.

And nowhere is that more celebrated than during the Game Developers Conference's annual Independent Games Festival. Now on its twelfth showing, the festival gathers together the biggest and best names in game develop to honour the up-and-coming developers, the game industry's future.

Both Totilo and I have been judges for this annual show for years now. This year we've decided to help give some of these indie finalists a bit more time in the spotlight. Over the next 20 weekdays we will be talking with, writing about and sorta previewing the finalists for this year's Independent Games Festival.

Our daily stories will kick off tomorrow and run through March 11 when you can catch our live coverage of the big show and the announcement of the winners tomorrow night.

I hope you enjoy this walk along The Road to IGF as much as we've enjoyed playing the games that helped pave it.

2010 IGF Finalists and IGF


    I loved the Mega64 video.

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