The Settlers 7 Box Art Gets Extremely Kirby-ed For America

Ubisoft's real-time strategy city building game experiences The Kirby Effect during its trans-Atlantic trip, as seen on NeoGAF. (Xtreme version for North Americans follows.)


    That looks like an ad for Evony.

    that 2nd boxart is ten times better, yet the first boxart is actually closer to the games aesthetic.

      Yes, indeed, it is... which would pretty much imply that the second box is, in fact, failing in it's job n'est pas?

      Not quite sure how that's even -one- time "better".

    IMO 2nd is stupid looking

    Although I like the second cover more than the first, I feel that the first is closer to the way I see settler's games and I remember the first ones.

    Of course I won't be playing this one due to the absurd DRM they use. And I mean not playing, not pirating and not buying it. If they release it without the DRM or a less insane version I'll be interested again.

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