The Simpsons Lampoon Nintendo Straightly With The Funtendo Zii

Last night's episode of Fox's long-running The Simpsons skewered, I suppose, the Nintendo Wii with the introduction of the Funtendo Zii. The Simpsons' take on Nintendo's motion controlled hit was far more straightforward than it was skewering.

See, the episode "Million Dollar Maybe" pretty much presented the Wii as-is, offering animated versions of the Wii, Wii Sports and what looks like Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and the accompanying Wii Zapper without changing all that much. The only substantial difference was that Funtendo makes it and it's called the Zii, a somewhat misguided attempt to skirt copyright.

If you want to see a Wii guest appearance on The Simpsons that's more cameo than parody you can do so at Hulu or

Thanks to Kay for the heads up!


    I call product placement
    everyone knows its a wii
    i doubt that nintendo didnt know about this.
    Looks too much like the actual product/logo/packaging to be a spoof

    What do you know... this video is not available at your present location.

    What the hell is the point of restricting preview clips? Full episodes I can KIND of understand but clips?

    South Park did it.

    Does anybody else remember when the Simpons actually had something to say about society? Now it's almost an unintentional parody of itself.

    It was weird they even had that stuff in the episode, if they left it at the instore stuff as a throw away joke fair enough but then it went on more at the old folks home. In the end lisa walks away from it and then no real closure to that little storyline and I just felt like "why did they even have this in the episode". Apart from episode padding of course.

    Where's the sensor bar?

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