The Sims 3 Simming To A Console Near You

The Sims 3 is headed to consoles. And handhelds. What's surprising here isn't the fact the game is making the move, but why it's taken so long.

The game is listed as part of EA's financial results report from earlier today, with the placeholder title "The Sims 3 on Console Title". Catchy. It's scheduled for a Q3 release.

EA say the game will be appearing on both console and handheld, so if you want t speculate that means 360, PS3, Wii, DS and PSP, don't let us keep you.


    No big surprise... but ugh... it suits the pc for sure but CONSOLES?

      True enough though it will sell like hotcakes on handhelds.

    The Sims is primary a PC game - EA hold such a large fanbase on the PC with the game, they wouldn't wanna release the game simultaneously on both so that a lot of sales would go to consoles and lose fanbase on the PC.

    Console is obviously going to be a little different - especially when comparing to the Sims game on the Xbox 1 those years back.

    took their time and i wonder if you'll be able to interact online with friends?

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