The StarCraft II Beta Test Has Begun

Hell, it's about time... to start playing some StarCraft II! Blizzard has announced that the closed beta test for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is officially a go, with invitations going out to "thousands of gamers." Yeah, check your e-mail!

If you didn't get in for the first look at Blizzard's next real-time strategy game and the revamped matchmaking service that goes along with it, you better head to now, create an account and be on your best behaviour. Beta keys only go out to good boys and girls. If you have one of those BlizzCon gold tickets that permit you access to the beta, check out the StarCraft II beta FAQ to see how to use it.

While you wait for your invitation to go out, make sure your PC is up to snuff.

Did you get in? Let us know!!


    I've been a good boy I swear, I swear!!!!!!!!!

      As soon as I saw this I checked my emails, and well nothing :(. I'll wait in hope that they will invite me at same stage or I'll get in via some promotion.

    Just got my invite 5 mins ago :) yay

    though can't leave work early :( boo

    Oh man... can't believe this day is finally here, mind-boggling; it's just like one of those things you never expect to happen, like duke nukem forever. The only problem is I didn't get a key... yah.. anyone get a key and decide that this game doesnt look very interesting, I'll take it off your hands :) (1/100000000 chance?)

    ash, are you playing wow at the moment? I know a few people that have gotten their invites and all of them are seasoned wow players..i stopped wow years ago but signed for beta when it was announced..have not got anything yet..just wondering if there is some pattern here...

    what a terrible time to have gone over my download limit...

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