The Tester Episode 2: The "Communication Breakdown" Liveblog

PlayStation Network reality show The Tester enters its second week, with just nine contestants vying for a Sony Computer Entertainment America QA testing job and no hope for cancellation. The newest episode "Communication Breakdown" is now live. Let's watch!

For those who may have missed last week's debut episode, two contestants were eliminated, the bevested Barmy, booted for his low score and evil vibe detected by judge Hal Sparks, and the mysterious Roni, who may have simply been too tender for such a vicious competition. Who will be eliminated this week? And what profanity from guest judge David Jaffe will be bleeped? Follow along in our liveblog, download the episode (they're free!) and make sure you've set your personal preferences to Reality Show Mode.

Just watch your words. There are a couple of Testers in the Kotaku comments ready to give you a piece of their mind.

The Tester #2


    Is anyone even watching this, i know im not.

    Kotaku is :P

      Haha, guess that's true.

    "Let's watch"

    Let's not.

    One wonders how much respect the winner is really going to get from their co-workers when they turn up on day 1.

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