The Week In Games

The Week In Games

The Week In GamesYes I know Aliens Vs Predator is out this week. I’m sure that’s where your moneypoints are bound to be spent come Thursday. But I’ve got my eyes on something else.

Fishing intrigues me. I can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed partaking in the activity of angling. It’s boring, smelly and often quite messy. Yet there’s something about the romance of the sea and the reflective, almost meditative state you can attain while you wait… and wait. Something fascinating.

So when I spied Big Catch Bass Fishing 2 not only comes out this week but also promises to make use of the Wii’s still woefully under-utilised Motion Plus peripheral, my intrigue and fascination heightened. I can’t imagine it’s anything other than terrible, but I’m perversely keen to check it out.

Anyone care to join me?

New releases for the w/c February 15:

Aliens Vs Predator (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? Sci-fi shooter that delivers scares and variety with its campaign spanning a trio of playable races. Should You Care? Developer Rebellion’s previous game was the execrable Rogue Warrior.

Big Catch Bass Fishing 2 (Wii) What Is It? Fishing sim that supports the Wii’s Motion Plus accessory and – seriously – a four-player online mode. Should You Care? Motion Plus fishing should be awesome. Could it be?

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Day (PSP) What Is It? Remake of PS2 sequel in perhaps the finest strategy RPG series around. Should You Care? While far from bad, Disgaea 2 was always the weakest in the series.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity (PC) What Is It? Excellent 2009 space-faring real-time strategy title gets reissued and bundled with its two expansion packs. Should You Care? At only $39.95 this boxed retail version cheaper than the digital download option.


  • Welcome back dave, hope what kept you away wasn’t too bad.

    As for AVP, gameinformer gave it 5.75 in the US but mentioned aliens walking on the walls is stupid (showing that the writer did not understand the old game…) and IGN gave it 8.5

    Total mixed bag

    Different team to Rogue Warrior though.

    It’s like a lucky dip

    • I’m still really on the fence with this one, eventually deleted the demo off my PS3, never being able to connect/find a game to play. Which is a big negative for me against the game.

      also heard from a few people that played the PC version, that it wasn’t all that great, or fun.

      With BioShock 2, MAG and Heavy Rain the following week… really think it will be dropped from my upcoming purchases, despite the principle of owning a game that was once “RC’d”…

      • Be careful with MAG

        I was playing it last night and did not enjoy it at all.. maybe it takes some time to grow on you

          • 40mins?

            give it a few hours and you should unlock a bunch of stuff to make it better, as well as the other game types…

          • 40mins was enough when Fallout 3 GOTY is looking at you, and you know you have 1 week to finish it before going to HK and buying Heavy Rain and Bioshock 2… oh the games! The games!

          • I should get around to playing Fallout 3 also, have just left the vault when I shelved it because I didn’t have alot of time to invest in it at that moment…

            but it will be difficult, I’ll pencil it in for later this year… Heavy Rain, then God of War I, II, III, then GTA : Episodes, then Red Dead Redemption, then Fallout 3

  • Hey David, you missed –

    Plants vs Zombies (iPhone):
    Whats is it? Popcap’s garden defense game now on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Should you care? At $3.99 it is a good investment for those who game on the move. Touch controls and modified UI work for the game.

  • Welcome back Dave, and thanks to Seamus for taking helm for the past week.
    Facebook Connect seems to be borked, for me anyhow.
    I’m looking forward to AvP and will not be joining you in your fishing adventure.

  • It is smell and sure some could see it as a little messy but the sea, tide and Mother Nature do combine for a transcending meditative self reflective state that just can’t be simulated.

    I’ll take a cold one in my right hand my feet up on the side of the boat and the rod dancing methodically in its holder any day over a simulation in my lounge room.

    Unfortunately I won’t be getting to the real thing or any of the week’s new releases for a while as the back catalogue is just too big. Picked up the original Mass Effect for $20 on the weekend and love the feeling of not quite KOTOR nostalgia.

  • Tsk tsk on not informing me of Star Ocean: The Last Hope International coming out last week Friday.
    (granted, you weren’t in)
    Great, great game, having played the rest of the Star Ocean games this one definitely does not disappoint me.

  • Sorry Dave, but it’s AVP for me this week. Gotta have that facehugger. I really only care about the single player component with the marine. Aliens is my all time favourite movie, so playing this section of AVP will be awesome to me. I’ll probably like the multiplayer too but with BFBC2 coming out and considering I’ve just started playing Mass Effect 1 for the first time so I can get ME2…. I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time to play the MP of AVP.

    Getting used to the controls of the Alien and Predator is insane and I probably won’t have the time. Hopefully the single player components on the 2 aliens will allow me to learn their use in the MP.

  • Welcome back Dave. I think you missed one. Isn’t Guitar Hero: Van Halen due out this week? On wednesday the 17th if memory serves.

  • I heard that Ace Attorney Investigations is coming out this week too. I’m out of time for all the new games I wanna play…

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