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It's a good time to be a PC gamer as this week sees two worthwhile titles releasing exclusively for keyboard and mouse play. Oh, and there's something worth checking out on PS3 as well.

Sorry, Xbox owners, you just get a new Dynasty Warriors game. Although, to be fair, it's something of a return to form for the increasingly stale series.

And Nintendo fans, you are entirely out of luck. UPDATE: Apparently Endless Ocean 2 is out this week, although not at all retailers. Looks like I missed that news while I was away.

My pick this week? It's tough, but I'm tempted to go with Napoleon, if only because I've not sunnk my teeth into a deep strategy game for a good while. (And I really couldn't care less about that StarCraft II beta everyone else seems to be playing right now.)

Also, don't forget the new pink, blue and black Wiimotes go on sale this week, too!

New releases for the w/c February 22:

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (360, PS3) What Is It? Typical Dynasty Warriors hack-and-slash, but with some much-needed RPG customisation and co-op play additions. Should You Care? A good starting point for Dynasty virgins and a fresh take for veterans.

Endless Ocean 2 (Wii) What Is It? Underwater adventure that rewards careful exploration with moments of unexpected beauty. Should You Care? This sequel supports co-op diving over Wiispeak.

Heavy Rain (PS3) What Is It? Narrative-heavy adventure game that plays out as a psychological thriller from the perspective of four playable characters. Should You Care? You will do and experience things you've never done or felt before in a video game.

Napoleon: Total War (PC) What Is It? Mix of turn-based strategy and real-time battles that chart the military life of the titular Frenchman. Should You Care? The tighter focus has allowed the Creative Assembly to polish and evolve Empire to maximum benefit.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat (PC) What Is It? Hardcore first-person shooter set in the expansive environs of post-nuclear Ukraine. Should You Care? For those who needed to download realism mods for Fallout 3. Or just recall what PC gaming used to be.

White Knight Chronicles (PS3) What Is It? Level 5-developed RPG that tries to add some MMO stylings to the solo quest. Should You Care? Stick with Demon's Souls if you want a JRPG that successfully breaks convention.

So what are you picking up this week?


    Hi Dave,

    I've played a bit of heavy rain but not the final version as yet. Is it true you really can't get stuck in the game such as on a puzzle or not being able to find a piece of evidence and the like and you can barrel through it or take it as slow as you want?

    Should You Care? You will do and experience things you’ve never done or felt before in a video game.

    So more gameplay has actually worked and got your interested again?

    It will be the only pickup for me this week.

    And Nintendo fans, you are entirely out of luck.

    Isnt that every week? It just means this week there is no Shovelware being released

    And yeah - Heavy Rain for me.

    Already have Heavy Rain pre-ordered at GAME.
    Cant wait.
    Although i have surgery that day so i probably wont be able to play it till friday or saturday :(

    Oh look, Steam regionalised pricing strikes back! TW: Napoleon is higher on the Australian Steam store than every other country.

    Fuck you too Sega. You're on the list with 2K Games & Activision.

    Heavy Rain... should I care?
    No really should I? I played the demo, is it more of the same or does something actually happen?

    I should note the demo bored me a tad so I didn't finish...

    Dave clearly doesn't rate it but for the Nintendo fans endless ocean 2 is out on thursday...

    Heavy rain for me :D

    YEa, Total War games are a good choice for us PC gamers. A really good franchise. I am still going with Empire, they take so long, and if you suck at them like me, take even longer. Am I wrong or does this newest Toal War game seem like an add on to Empire? You think it is worthy?

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