The Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Shots You Wanted

Last week, Square Enix released new screen shots of Final Fantasy XIII in both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 flavors, sparking a bit of console-centred controversy, due to their clearly doctored nature. Now we're getting a proper comparison.

The previous batch of in-game screens were "mistakenly" released in Square Enix's asset update for the forthcoming RPG, with new, more accurate shots of the Xbox 360 version promised. Well, they're here and it's up to you to decide if you agree with Square Enix that "there is no material difference between the two consoles."

Square Enix's update consisted of the PS3 screens of the North American version of FFXIIIalready released, plus a 18 new ones straight from the Xbox 360 port. While we all soak these in and behave ourselves like mature connoisseurs of the art of the screen shot, let's just preface this with the following expectation: you're gonna notice a difference.


    It's going to look and be great on both consoles, it's just the trolling internet fanboys who will start there usual crap to get over their favourite console.

    So what are the differences?

    I can see less spec and 'bling' in general. But when you have something that looks this good you really shouldn't complain... Remember people, brown is (not) real! :P

    There is a difference and when you put the same shots from both consoles side by side there is a bit of a change but not radically.;

    Dunno how to link here sorry but that is 1 shot of what i'm talking about. Both versions look good enough but PS3 has that little bit more to it

    Hey, I am just happy that the 360 is getting FF in the first place!

    I have had a look and to tell the truth, I can see no reason for me to go and get a PS3. Yes the Blue Ray is worth it. Especially with this game.

    But, I am still super happy with what we are getting. One day I will get a PS3, but with house renovations on the way and an anniversary around the corner....well you get the idea ;D

    I heard that there are differences in cgi cutscene and ingame graphics quality between the two consoles. Anyone care to point out on what console its better to get it on. :) NO FANBOYS!!!!!

    Either way, if the PS3 does look better or what not - it doesn't take away the fact that the 360 graphics are still great and FEATURE some of the best graphics offered on the system.

    However its all about the cutscenes etc... the actual gameplay of FF and its graphics aren't anything special.

    I'm the same as most 360 owners who are just happy we get the game at all. Honestly though I wish it was just as good visually but hey, Graphics aren't everything!

    Apparently, the PS3 version is running in 1280x720p, the 360 version in 1024x576p.

    Both have the same level of antialiasing but obviously the PS3 version looks smoother.

    It seems that the PS3 version of the game has better technical prowess. But as I am not a JRPG fan, I won't be purchasing it on either platform (I own both).

    This makes sense. The tech was originally designed for the PS3 alone, and Square have had lots of time to work with the hardware. So they've obviously been able to get into the optimization of all that theoretical power etc.

    I think over time we will see more PS3 games outstripping the Xbox 360 versions, just like Carmack predicted. Of course, whether or not this makes any platform better or worse depends on which games you'd want to play in the first place.

    All this really comes down to is fanboys, I have both consoles and would love to have the 'better' looking version..
    But to be honest, once you get the game, are YOU going to be able to tell the difference?
    Unless you are running both games on both consoles, but who's going to do that?

    I'll just go with the PS3 version. Not because of the graphics but because I don't like multiple discs XD

    And so we enter Console War endgame. Could this be the last AAA exclusive that MS wrenches from Playstation? I also wonder if Kojima regrets crossing the floor- does he really want to go from MGS4 to a butchered-four disc fuzzy nightmare...?

    I was hoping to get paid in time to buy a PS3 with this game, partly because of the graphics (My most anticiptaed game ever so I want the best XD)but also because I will need a PS3 for versus later. XBox will have to suffice :(

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