The Zerg Overrun The Orkin Army

If you're unlucky enough to not be in the StarCraft II Beta, or unwilling to pay $US300 to get in, here's a two minute clip showing what you're missing - in this case, the Zerg clobbering some holier-than-thou Protoss arse.

This is the latest GameTrailers video on the subject; five other gameplay videos were posted back on Wednesday. You can catch them all through the link.

StarCraft II [GameTrailers]


    Damn that was a massive force at the end there. Though spamming one unit? Seems kinda amateur.

    I hope there's another battle report or two to come out, I really enjoyed those. Or hopefully once the game comes out some competitive tournaments with commentary to watch online. They're really quite entertaining.

    Hmm, I'm assuming that game's running at normal speed. I'm interested to see how it runs on the fastest speed since that'll be on the online competitive standard.

    So the Zerg rush is still going to be popular then?


    looked like a shiny starcraft 1 to me - hydralisks and dark templar? yawn.

      Shiny Starcraft 1! Where do I sign up!?

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