There Are Secret Messages On Your BioShock 2 Posters

A 2K forum poster holding a random blacklight session with his friends discovered scrawled secret messages on the three BioShock 2 posters that were packed in his special edition. Creepy!

When I first unwrapped my special edition of BioShock 2, I didn't give the posters a second thought, leaving them bundled up in the box, completely forgotten. 2K forum member JRoch put them on his walls instead, and while messing about with an old blacklight, discovered scrawled messages on the posters, just like the ones you find in the game itself.

As proof, another 2K forum-goer posted these images, along with a video that can be found at PhotoBucket.

I tore open my box, unfurled the posters excitedly, and realised I don't own a blacklight. Why do I not own a blacklight?

Special edition Propaganda posters [2K Forums - Thanks Cailin!]


    Incredibly cool

    The term Easter Egg comes to mind here.

    Usually, developers put them into the games, but hey, this is an interesting take.

    Nice. But.. why does a guy have a black light? CSI investigator?

    what makes this really cool, is the fact that the devs nor the publisher said anything about it.

    Im more and more amazed at the bioshock 2 special edition.

    See, devs, this is how you do a fricken special edition! Not an extra piece of DLC, but cool, collectible stuff!

    Ditto brad d.

    I own a blacklight... but dont have the spec edition. Anyone with thespecial edition in Campbelltown want to meet up for blacklight party... Wait, we could just meet up at the toilets at ingleburn train station, there is a blacklight in there... It is supposed to stop junkies from injecting but could also now be used for easter egg hunting of gaming merchandising...

    Wait, am I asking what I think I am... never mind!

    That's a nice little easter egg.

    Maybe ti isn't a game... maybe it's all true!!

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