There It Is! The Most Amazing Use Of The Nintendo DSi Camera

This is Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda, a DSiWare game that makes brilliant use of the Nintendo DSi's built-in cameras to control an in-game camera that lets the player explore a 3D diorama to find hidden objects.

The downloadable game, right now for Japan only, comes courtesy of Wario Land: Shake It! developer Feel-Good. As one can see in the preview video above, players must locate hidden objects by tilting the DSi, and, in turn, the game world.

Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda [Nintendo Japan via BoingBoing/TinyCartridge]



    This is kinda what I see natal as being cool for. If it can keep track of someone's head position well enough, which it seems like it can, then it could be used for controlling the position of the camera in the world space.

    In a related though, although people deride the idea of using natal for a fps rather than new game types, imagine being able to actually lean your head in a direction to look around a corner in game.

      All right, next time you're playing any shooting game, try turning your head a reasonable amount while you're playing, and still try to keep your eyes fixed on the screen to concentrate... Natal will be useless for shooters.

        Of course turning your head to look around wouldn't work, but Age said "leaning", not "turning". Using a standard controller for most functions but having Natal augments - like being able to physically lean out of cover in FPSs - could work very well.

        Well I wasn't really referring to view tracking.
        Presumably you're sitting in a chair right now, lean your body six inches to in either direction, duck your head momentarily. These are pretty simple actions most people do instinctively when they first start playing with a controller or getting immersed into games. Perhaps it wouldn't work too well but to insist body tracking has no place at all in certain genres but I'm old enough to remember people saying the same thing about using a mouse in fps games.

        They said the same about game controllers too.

          A mouse, really?

          What I'm thinking though is you need really precise movements though... if Natal tracks subtle movements, you're gonna have to keep your head perfectly still all the time if you don't want it to mess up your game. Oh well, whatever you're saying, I'm very doubtful about Natal... I really don't think it'll be used for anything other than Wii Sports clones and things like that...

      I understand and I'm sure it will take off... But its been done before. Even headtracking can be performed off a $4 chinese webcam with opensource software

      you realise your talking about shooters ie the ones that they removed lean from in consoles because it was too hard to determine Where TF people were shooting from if it was just there head and gun for people with tiny screen TV's(although ME2 shat on them as it should)

        this is getting a bit off topic. from a DSi game using the camera for a good reason to natal and FPS games?

    This is it; the next generation of gaming.

      donno dude, i dont see how this crap, which looks pretty good, will help make my street fighter, megaman or rts games any better.

      It will just be gimicky as hell i bet.

    Oh and as for the post... I'm not very impressed :/

    An eye spy game is about all you could do with it...

    I want to play it !

    Is it just me or does this have iPhone written all over it!

      That's the first thought i had. There will be a multi million dollar app out by Easter looking suspiciously similar lol

    makes me want to get a DSi!

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