There Shall Be New New Vegas News Tomorrow, Apparently

Three different tweets from three different Bethesda Softworks sources hint at some sort of big Fallout: New Vegas info dropping tomorrow.

From Bethesda's Pete Hines: "if you're into Fallout or want to find out something, anything, on Fallout: New Vegas...well, tomorrow, it begins."

From community manager Nick Breckon: Tomorrow will be a big day for #FalloutNewVegas. Whoo.

From the Bethesda Blog Twitter feed: Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff on #FalloutNewVegas tomorrow!

You know what they say, three's a conspiracy. Whatever trickles, pours or gushes forth, we'll have it.


    i love fallout!


    Finally! sweet!

    Well I'll have to avoid the internet tomorrow. I lost the better part of a year to Fallout 3 so I'll be avoiding the sequel like the plague. I want to play other games!

      Same here...but I loved every minute of it. Bring on New Vegas!

    Yes, can't wait!

    It's not a sequel. It's... a side game of equal length. Fallout 3 in Vegas, not Fallout 4.

    Exactly why I do not play on getting it. If I'm going to buy a sequel, I want it to be better than the original in at least one way. This just looks... the same.

      I would have to say: goto and have a look at the mechanics involved. I dare say some of them will trickle down to FO:NV :)

        Seems unlikely. Brink is being developed by a completely different studio.

      "seems the same" would be a better choice of words for you. Saying it looks the same is a total fabrication, that is until tomorrow IF screenshots are released.

      But you comment will still be, either way, fabrication.

    Yessssss finally feed my fallout soul!!!!

    I'll be interested to learn more, I liked Fallout 3. I wonder how much it has in common. I really don't know anything about it.


    It's a bit unfair to say that Fallout: New Vegas looks 'the same' as Fallout 3, when the only things we know about it are the title and the developer. And the Developers are a different company than Fallout 3's developers (Bethesda), so I'd hardly call it more of the same.

    Which brings me to why I posted a comment in the first place, just a reminder for people hyped up for this; Bethesda is not developing it. They are publishing it, and Obsidian is developing. Could be similar, could be fundamentally different, so keep and open mind.

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