There Will Never Be Another Final Fantasy Game Like FFXIII

Final Fantasy XIII has been in development for over five years, has involved hundreds of staff and has cost the publisher a ton of money. So you can see why there'll never be another Final Fantasy game like it!

Speaking with Sony on the official European PlayStation blog, the game's producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama have said:

If you consider that during Final Fantasy XIII's development, at peak time the team consisted of over 300 people. It was a huge team, plus it took a several long years to get the game finished. So, if Mr Wada meant that we would never make another Final Fantasy title with the similar number of people, taking as long as FFXIII did, we would agree.

Obviously in the future we want to be much more efficient. Having worked on XIII, we feel that we have got much better at making good games for high definition consoles. In the future our teams will be smaller and more effectively run.

Less like elephants, then. More like cheetahs. Nimble, spiky-haired, sword-wielding teenage cheetahs.

An Interview With Final Fantasy XIII's Kitase And Toriyama [PlayStation]


    They could save time on scripts if they remake FF7 :P

    But yeah FF7 happens I will buy whatever system it is released on.

    I think that why they haven't remade ff7 is because it will kill the nostalgia is has

      And I think they're saying they won't release one to build hype etc and once it reaches the peak, they will.
      People like money.
      A remake of FFVII will make a SHITLOAD of money.
      It WILL happen, mark my words.

        I think part of the problem is that an FF VII remake doesn't take the franchise anywhere new. Sure, it's been proven they can do remakes of older FF games and sell them, but many of those were unavailable to a Western Audience.

        If you consider the surprises to be in the gameplay and the plot, everything is known, so where's the challenge for the Game designers? To add better graphics and update the music, maybe but I don't think that's enough to carry the interest of people who design games for a living. Of course it makes good business sense, because there's plenty of people downloading and playing it, but other than having an interesting villain, a non-fantasy setting and a plot twist which nearly everyone knows about by now, I'm not sure what I'd get from a remake.

        Sure, I spent days with the original, but I'd much rather have something new that grabbed me as much than something old with no capacity to surprise me.

          You honestly believe they'd have a problem remaking FFVII? Really, considering how many different versions of FFI, FFII, FFIII, FFIV and FFV there are out there, two for the PSP (FFI + FFII), a few for GBA, three for the DS - they're constantly getting remade. Why? Because they're quick, easy, and nets the company a tonne of cash.

          While i DONT want a remake of FFVII, I agree entirely that it would ruin everything that makes the game great, I'd be lying if i said i wouldnt pick up a copy, and that it'd be hella-tempting in the least for a game company to remake it.

    Half of that time would've been spent doing the engine/backend work. Plus they said hat they wasted 1 or so years porting it over from PS2. At least this way they'd have their HD engine up and running for more brilliant games that would take half the time to make :D

    "There will never be another game like FF13... until the PS5 when we make FF25!!!"

      I think you'll find it will be FFXCIII by then.

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