There's Two Sides To Every Xbox Live Banning

You may have already seen this over the weekend, but if not, here's a clip that reportedly shows an Xbox Live moderator by the name of "The Pro" suffering from a bad case of ban fever.

The user, himself banned after a round of Modern Warfare 2 with the moderator, claims a combination of audio problems and innocence result in the glaring audio issues in the below video. And that he, and many others, have been banned from Xbox Live for "nothing", and that The Pro "abuses his power for no reason".

Right, that's one side of the story. And it's one that gained a lot of traction over the past day or so. The other? Xbox Live Chief Of Police Stephen Toulouse says that the reason the video looks bad is that it has been carefully edited.

"Yes I've seen the heavily edited video of The Pro", Toulouse says, "The audio is clearly recut to omit the threats and ToU (Terms of Use) violations" made towards the moderator.

While Toulouse then says he "will certainly speak to The Pro about his tone", any mention of banning made in the clip was in reference to users caught modding while playing Modern Warfare 2, which result in a ban of both a user's gold Xbox Live account and their 360 console itself.

So, those are the two sides of the story. Some kid's, with a very suspicious-sounding video, and Xbox Live's, with claims to the counter. Who to believe?



    Wether or not the kids video is suspicious sounding, 'The Pro' was trash talking and sounding as bad as those douchebag 12 year old stereotypes Xbox Live users are currently labelled with. I have to say, I'm sure I heard him drop the C bomb in there? Maybe it was scratchy audio, but with his douchebag attitude, I would certainly want him kicked off, or certainly suspended off his position for a while to remind him he's there to provide a service to people, not to wield an almighty banhammer at his own discretion... I understand that the video obviously has been edited to some degree to give a biased view, it's just that I used to op for B105 radiostation back in the late 90s, we used to see Ops in the chatroom all the time who would do the same thing, and I got so sick and tired of it... this shows a lot of traits in such a short time... constantly reminding people he can ban etc etc...

    Leaving the specifics of this particular case alone, it does seem a bit arbitrary that one person can suspend / ban an account just like that, especially on a paid service, and even more especially if there's no kind of review or appeal process the user can fall back on.

    Moderators can't and don't just ban anyone. Since the audio was clearly tampered with, I can only presume the people in that video got banned because they refused to be pushed around by someone with the authority to do so. So they stood a fine line between upsetting the moderator, and playing safe, friendly, and hack-free.

    If anyone got banned in this video it's because they were stupid enough to try to argue with someone with the ban hammer in the first place.

    reiterating again that mods don't just ban people for "nothing", this guy obviously did SOMETHING to attract the attention of the mod, and he obviously edited out everything that made himself sound incriminating.

    You play with fire, you are gonna get burned.

    Whatever side you take, The Pro shouldn't be talking like that to people. Whether it's justified or not, the guy was being a dick, and that's not what you do in the job.

      Judging by the kinds of infants that you meet on a regular basis on XBOX Live, I'm not surprised that the conversation got to the point where he felt like taking that tone. As wrong as it was.

        See, I used to think that. I used to think you couldn't get any worse than Xbox Live.
        Then I started working in a casino.

    It was only for like, a week:/

    Oh, and Kotaku, where's that image of Ultimate Thor?

    The all-powerful ban hammer should be called "The Mjolnir" from now on.

    Okay, maybe not.

    Seems like 'the pro' was taking this a little too personally but it is pretty obvious that the video has been edited and these guys probably deserve the banning.

    However I think moderators should take up a much more pacifistic stance when encountering this type of behaviour. No need to engage them in arguments as he did, simply remind them that they are breaking the terms and should they continue they could be banned. If they continue, ban them.

    If you can't deal with kind of behaviour without taking it personally you shouldn't be in the job. All that said, he was probably just having a bad day and I don't really blame him.

    That he banned them or even why is irrelevant to me. His issue is how he is speaking to his companies customers. He and Toulouse need to step down from their pedi-stool for a bit and remember that while the 12 year old is a douche he is still a paying customer and cannot be spoken to like that.

    Anyone in the service industry has dealt with WAY WORSE than anything on that clip honestly it doesn’t matter what the customer says , a member of staff does NOT say the things "the pro" said. If you violate Terms you deserve to get banned, but you should never be belittled and abused by a staff member of a company you are paying for a service.

    The Pro should be severely reprimanded and be prevented from contact with customers until he is able to show he has the mental and emotional fortitude to handle a problem customer.

      i think its a bit irrelevant at that point about tones and what not when the modder is one in the thousands who are severely ruining the game. no one is going to stop playing on Live just because there's a verbose moderator running around.

        From what I have seen I agree the guy deserved the ban but I also think its a bit irrelevant why he was banned.
        What I am trying to convey is that as a member od staff in contact with customers he speaks for MS and his tone speaks to the core of what MS think of YOU as a consumer. By speaking this way it shows a clear disrespect to customers which is unacceptable.

        Would you honestly be OK if your ISP, your phone carrier, your car insurer or any other service provider you are paying spoke to you like that?

        I wouldn't.

          given the fact that there is a number of lobby screens seen in the video, it is obviously something that went on for quite a while. From the general attitude of people you meet online (on any service), I would expect that the 'victim' spent two or three games alleging that the mod didnt actually work for xbox, and that would have progressed to him making jokes about fornicating with his family, forcibly inserting objects of various natures into his orifices, and probably describing in detail all the different ways he is going to assault him.

          All of which are grounds for being temporarily banned, and lead to a completely understandable retort from the mod. you may notice how at one point the mod says 'if you keep it up, I'm going to ban you'. Theres a warning, the douche didnt listen, kept being a dick, and got banned. I would say the mod was completly justified in his behaviour and actions.

          And if I worked for an isp, phone carrier, or whatever, and a customer was carrying on at me like people do online, I would absolutely speak to them like that, and feel no remorse whatsoever for doing it. The customer isnt always right.

    Corrupt Microsoft employees... what else is new?

    I would like to point out that if they were caught modding or cheating, they should have been banned straight up, with no warning, and no discussion.

    At best, this guy was completely unprofessional in his duties, at worst, he was a power hungry mod.

    Yahuh, like we as gamers aint never seen a god mod.

    You can get banned from a service you actually pay for ?

    In 5 years i've never heard of a mod coming in and banning anybody on PS3 online game.

    As someone mentioned, the customer isn't always right, and it's rare to be in the position of customer service where you know the truth of that. His actions though as a mod and with such responsibility is not the face or voice of Microsoft, get over it, no matter how much you want to take a dig at MS.
    Whether or not the guy should of been banned is debatable, the obviously edited video is a bit hard to go by. However, intuition would suggest it was well deserved. In saying this though, as someone else had mentioned, for a service to be taken away from you like this there should be a way to have the case reviewed - and i assume there actually is.

    Full unedited video is released.

      That kid was asking for it. Where do these kids get their gutter-mouths from?

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