These Are Your E3 Publishers And Developers

More than 120 video game developers, publishers and hangers-on have confirmed that they'll be at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, which organisers say is 90 per cent booked.

"Exhibitors, leading video game publishers, and millions of consumers around the world are eagerly awaiting the opening of the 2010 E3 Expo," said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the ESA. "This year's event will premier cutting-edge technologies, immersive games, and innovations in consumer interfaces."

Judging from last year's giant-step in the right direction, I have high hopes for this year's E3. Developers and publishers seem to be reconsolidating their big news and announcements for what is becoming THE big show of the year. And the best part? The E3 organisers continue to hold talks with developers, publishers and journalists about how to improve things.

Speaking of which, registration for the show is officially open for "all qualified computer and video game industry audiences, including international and U.S.-based media, analysts, retailers, developers, and business partners."

Last year saw a bit of a loosening up of the E3's definition of what media is. Let's hope their recent successes won't mean they clamp down once more on that policy. New voices always make for interesting coverage.

The E3 Exhibitor List [E3]


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