This Game Guide Cover Gets To The Points

Let's say you created a game best known for these, rather this. What would you put on the cover of your strategy guide?

You'd put this! The walk through guide for PSP title Kentoushi: Gladiator Begins goes on sale in Japan on February 5 for ¥1,995n (US$22). There are individuals who purchased this game because they want to slog it out gladiator style. There are others, no doubt, who purchased this game because of underboob lady.

The guide's title runs directly across the woman's top. Hey, honesty!



    What is that, Princess Leia and Big Daddy cosplay in one?

    Does anyone know if the game is Actually any good?

    Nooo not these images again. Miss, lose the helmet, its extremely disturbing...please. I'm sure you've got a lovely face.

    I mustn't be the only one cringing at this, surely.

    face? what face? gold boob triangles of glory!

    FFS Lifehacker, lose the titty shots in the goddamned RSS feed! Some of us actual work for a living in open plan offices outside of the game industry.


      they sure got a lot of titty shots there...

      shame on you for crediting the wrong site!

    Why choose the picture of the model with her underboob exposed, then slap the logo across it? It's like they lost their nerve at the last minute.

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