This Pokemon Is Somehow Strangely Familar

After hinting with a silhouette, Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic revealed the first new Pokémon of the fifth generation, Zoroark. And yet besides that silhouette, I could shake the feeling I'd already seen this Pokémon.

Maybe it was former 1970s rocker Gary Glitter?

The lead singer of J-pop band Kishidan?

Or this lady?

Monster fox Pocket Monster Zoroark is not only the star of the upcoming 13th animated Pokémon movie, but is also the proud owner of a truly awesome 'do.

[Pic, Pic, Pic]


    Why couldn't mewtwo have a cool haircut - like an afro or something?
    It looks like this new generation will be something else..

    Knuckles the echidna?

      Sonic the Werehog more like.


    Now i wonder what this new movie would be about

    Wrex from mass effect?

    This is what you get for cross-breeding Lucario with a Houndoom

    looks like blazican (sorry I can't spell that :P )

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