This Red Dead Redemption Trailer Will Leave You Hog-Tied

Red Dead Redemption’s wife sends you her regards in the shape of this new video introducing the cast of law enforcement officers you’ll encounter in the upcoming open world western.

This being a Rockstar game, of course, one suspects these lawmen are going to prove just as corrupt and nefarious as the villains they’re out to get. Question is: is protagonist John Marston working for or against them?

Red Dead Redemption is scheduled to release April 30 on PS3 and Xbox 360.


  • This game looks insane… I wasn’t really interested in it as it’s a western and that’s really not my bag. But after seeing what’s possible and just the whole presentation of it, I may be converted.

    Definately will be picking this one up.

  • This game is going to be excellent! I remember how good GUN was back in the early days of this Gen. This takes it to a whole new level! Can’t wait!

  • Looking GOOOOOD – i too wasn’t interested in this as a primary game at first but until a few weeks back from some screenshots and some demo run, i’ve been hooked.

    The animation of the characters when they speak looks INSANE. The lips move perfectly, better than any other game i’ve seen.

    Only problem i can pin-point is some sharp edges i see. I know it’s a large open-world game, so compared to a smaller FPS etc… there are bound to be some sort of graphic differences, hopefully its not all bad on the characters at least on release.

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