This Video Isn't As Awesome As Its Title

Here's the latest Just Cause 2 "Anatomy of a Stunt" trailer: "Fire Truck versus Jet." Whoa, rad!!!! right? Well ....

A fire truck playing chicken with a passenger aircraft - there's got to be like, Rico grappling the fire engine to the jet and then like grabbing on the landing gear and parachuting to safety while the 747 gets dragged down into the ocean, right? Wrong. The plane takes off without sucking Rico into its turbine and everybody gets away clean, although I guess technically the jet loses this game of chicken.

This is totally the unslammed door. But I get the feeling it's not the only opportunity we'll have for fire truck awesomeness.


    I didn't think people said the word rad anymore.

      Hahahaha, I heard a guy who looked in his mid forties say "grouse" the other day... I had to strain myself not to laugh.

      As for the video, yeah that was a bit anticlimactic... I was hoping for at least one explosion...

    It's a bodaciously tubular word!

    Don't have a cow man, jeez...

    Wow. I thought the title was sarcastic but... jokes on me I guess.

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