This Warcraft Player Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

Authorities say this 27-year-old man, angered when his mother asked him to quiet down while playing Warcraft, choked her and rammed her head through a wall before his grandfather finally shot him. He wasn't seriously wounded. Nerd rage'll do that.

James Swan (pictured) of Manatee, Florida, was drinking and playing World of Warcraft around 10pm on February 11 when his 50-year-old mother asked him to pipe down, as her three grandchildren were trying to sleep at that hour. Cops say Swan ignored her, and when she put her hand on his shoulder, he flipped the fuck out.

The Bradenton Herald got the police report, and it says Swan grabbed his mother by the hair and threw her across the bed. She managed to get to the kitchen phone to call police, but he tore it out of the wall, rammed her head through the hole where it had been, then threw her on the ground and started choking her. That's when his grandfather - mum's dad - got a gun from a gun closet. Still holstered, the gun misfired in a struggle and Swan was grazed behind the left ear.

Before you get huffy, no one's pinning this on the game, although it would boost MMOs' street cred considerably. Pretty much everyone can point the finger at the demon likker. Meantime, Swan is in the slammer, probably pissed that his raiding party hasn't formed up to bust him out.

World of Warcraft Argument Leads to Violent Dispute [Hot Blooded Gaming]

Image via Bradenton Herald.


    Gee, it's a shame grandad missed.

      Its a shame the fatehr missed... judged the birth.

    It's people like this that give the politicians fuel to censor things that the general adult gameplaying public want to play. This guy will be the one they turn to when asked for evidence that playing games makes you violent.

    Err... I believe it was the alcohol, not the video game that was the main cause here.

    Don't even try and pretend that World of Warcraft is to blame.

    It's not even the alcohol. They guy made the final choice in his actions hence the only one who can be blamed is himself.

    its ok , i'm sure they'll give him a nice PC and the internet for his cell and he'll be back in no time

    Errr I haven't looked lately, but what is WoW rated?
    It's not even that fricken graphically violent lol. I'd say this guy was nutso to begin with... good to see Grandad saying no to domestic violence =D

      It's rated T pretty much everywhere. Of course it comes with the tag of 'online experience might change'.

      Honestly it's NEVER the game's fault. If someone is this fucked up then they have a problem that's way more pressing than being in a hardcore guild.

    Ganked by Grandpa!

    I say, I say, I say. What's all this commotion then ? Clearly this guy is an over-reacting dousche with a side of violent tendancies. WoW is a saint in which no way, shape or form could incite, encourage or promote physical violence against one's own mother. My keyboard might feel the wrath of a raid wipe and that's where it ends.


    Gun control advocates often say that gun owners are more likely to shoot their own family than an intruder.

    I guess that isn't always such a bad thing.

    Why is no one looking into the fact that he was 27 and still living at home with Mum and Granddad. That sort of suppressive over-parenting has to lead to some serious pent up rage.

      I may have misunderstood you, but are you saying the fact that he is 27 and living with his parents mean his parents are probably over protective and therefore in some way their fault.

      More likely the guy is a penniless loser on welfare that never moved out cause he likes leeching on his parents. Mind you I don't know what kind of family this is with the 27 year old guy, his mother, his grandfather, and his mother's 3 grandchildren all in the same house.

    "probably pissed that his raiding party hasn’t formed up to bust him out."

    That made me laugh so god dam hard!!!

    I'm sorry but I snickered at "27, plays WoW, lives with his mum".

    I know a person exactly like this, but he's actually a pretty cool guy.

      When is your friend up for parole? We've got a vacancy in my guild.

      Where did it say he lives with his mum?

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