THQ CEO Names Sony's Motion Controller As "Arc"

Get used to referring to Sony's forthcoming motion controller for the PlayStation 3 as Arc. That's how THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell referred to the still unofficially named, PlayStation Eye-powered controller, previously known as "Gem", in today's investor call.

That name backs up previously published rumours that Sony was going with the Arc name, but is still not confirmation of the PS3 controller, recently delayed to the fall. We're checking in with Sony Computer Entertainment America reps to see if they'd like to just go ahead and confirm it already, but this is sounding more and more final.


    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Microsoft already make a mouse called Arc? Sure they infringes on some kind of human interface device copyright?

    It needs to be called the "Arc" to survive the inevitable "flood" of shovelware waggle games. Cha.

    When will they realise that these types of controllers are just not going to work. I personally play games to relax and chill out, not to have to physically DO something :P

      I think Sony has the right idea for relaxation. :3

      They clearly do work though.
      They work in the way that they bring truck loads of money to Sony's door step.
      Just because you don't enjoy them doesn't mean they don't (by a business definition) work.

    Was very disappointed to see a Resident Evil 5 demo with a Dual Shock in one hand and the Arc in the other.... FAIL... I want an analog stick or dpad on the wand or no buy

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