Three Bayonettas, One In Athletic Gear, And Duelling Pikachu Girls

Whenever people think of Bayonetta, they typical think of her black hair suit. That's not her only outfit, and cosplayers know it.

Kotaku Japan spotted these three Bayonetta cosplayers at the recent Wonder Festival in Tokyo as well as Pikachu girls and a hoard of fellow cosplayers.

Wonderful Festival is a bi-annual event that is held in the summer and the winter. The main focus is figurines and "garage kits", but like any gathering of otaku, there is cosplaying. A good thing, no?

[ワンフェス10冬] ゲームキャラのコスプレギャラリー

[ワンフェス10冬] 分身? 幻影? 3人のベヨ姐さんコスプレ! [Kotaku Japan]



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