U R *Not* "Mr. Gay" In Super Mario Galaxy 2

Remember when someone stared at the Super Mario Galaxy a little too long, deciphering the hidden message "U R MR GAY" cleverly encoded by Nintendo's cheeky box art designers? Well, Nintendo has nipped that in the bud for the sequel.

The eagle-eyed logo research scientists at Eurogamer Spain have noticed that the logo from Super Mario Galaxy 2 does not proclaim that the viewer is Mr. Gay, partly, we assume, because that's not a very common last name. Kind of limits your audience.

The hidden message in Galaxy 2, as determined by twinkling star placement? Either "U R MIAY" or "U R MILY" depending on your point of view. Anyone get what they're trying to tell us here?

"UR MR GAY" desaparece del logo de Mario Galaxy 2 [Eurogamer.es - thanks, Albert!]


    Maybe it's a new Japanies only insult devloped specifically for us westerners.

    U R MR GAY 2 would have been funnier

    I don't think they could put 'U R OVER-ANALYSING'.

      So true.
      It's most likely a lucky fluke that they decided to put sparkles on the letters that happened to spell that.
      Chill, people.

    U R MI LY

    You Are My Lay?

    no? :p

      U R MI LY ... Cyrus? :P

    With all the lettings being identified by the corner shine, the second last would be A instead of L. making the message 'U R MIA Y'

    Intemperate the meaning however you wish, I'm going with Luigi not being in this game ;)

    Miley Cyrus is going to play this game, and then become paranoid that the Japanese are watching her.

      If you've ever spoken to a Japanese teenage girl, you will know that Miley has every right to be worried.

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