Ubisoft On The Campaign Trail Over New PC DRM Measures

Ubisoft's new digital rights management setup on the PC sounded bad, then in practice, sounded even worse. That can mean only one thing: damage control!

Seeking to clarify comments made by PC Gamer magazine, suggesting that users would need a constant internet connection to keep playing singleplayer games, Ubisoft told Ars Technica "As long as you do not quit the game, the game will continue to try to reconnect for an unlimited time. Once the game is able to reconnect, you will immediately be returned to your game".

"Where exactly you are reconnected in the game may differ from title to title. Settlers 7 reconnects at the exact point where the connection was lost, AC2 reconnects you at the last checkpoint (and not the last auto save, as indicated in the CVG article). There are many checkpoints so you're back to the point where you got disconnected in no time."

Ubisoft also explained that if you experience a temporary drop-out (say, a couple of seconds), the game won't be affected, and that the DRM connection only needs 50kps to function, so even if you're on dial-up, you should be OK.

Does that clarify things? Yes. But just because it's clear, doesn't mean it's OK...

Official explanation of controversial Assassin's Creed 2 DRM [Ars Technica]


    Ok Ubi but lets just say, and this is a VERY reasonable thing to suggest, that your servers GO DOWN. This happens frequently in the computing world... then people are unable to play a product they legally purchased at all. They're unable to legally play a legally purchased product whilst ole one eyed jack the pirate across the road plays happily his pirated copy of AC2 he pirated from the net because as we know...

    DRM ONLY HARMS LEGITIMATE CUSTOMERS. No DRM has ever stopped a pirate. Because a pirate does not seek out the uncracked version... they seek out the CRACKED version... hello Ubisoft? Are you listening???

    Haven't we learned anything? Hurting the legitimate purchasers - your actual customer base, Ubisoft, just means you'll get even less people buying your game.

    Piracy is a problem, I'll grant you, but this is not the way to deal with it. Use the DLC carrot, not the DRM stick.

    If a game is quick and easy to purchase on steam, and you don't price gouge us, we'll buy your game. Make the purchase better value than pirating it. I'll say that one more time for you:

    Make the purchase better value than pirating it.

    I was looking forward to playing AC2 on PC, now I won't be purchasing it. I'm not going go on some morally warped spiel justifying piracy, it's never justified.

    I simply won't be playing your game. There's this whole market thing going on out here Ubisoft, so I'll buy something else from it instead.

    How about this: Ubisoft, when I buy a game, I expect to always be able to play it, but with AC2 I won't.

    If Ubisoft servers are down, we can't play.
    If our Internet drops out due to a storm or other reason, we can't play.
    If we use up our Internet for the month, we can't play.

    I expect this from an MMO, where such things are unavoidable, but from a solely single player game?

    I was really looking forward to playing AC2 on the PC, although now Ubisoft has guaranteed that I won't be buying it unless they remove this idiotic DRM scheme. There are plenty of outstanding questions about the DRM which won't be answered until long after it has been rolled out.

    How long will Ubisoft keep the servers running for? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?

    Will new game releases DDoS the servers, effectively locking players out of all Ubisoft games whenever new games are launched?

    Are there any plans to deal with intentional DDoSs from annoyed vigilantes?

    Should customers bother purchasing any Ubisoft games for the PC in the future, since they're going to end up with the same annoying and ineffectual DRM scheme? Personally I won't be.

    Never thought I'd be HAPPY to not have a game capable PC. Nice one Ubi, you've just passed Activision as the biggest dick in the industry.

    EA are looking more and more like the champions of the industry nowdays

      Well you're not helping either way you look at it.

    Wow - this move by Ubisoft is actually encouraging me to get a pirated copy!!!!

    Although you can't blame them, considering that Assassin's Creed 2 was one of the most pirated games ever. Let's face it, if people weren't pirating games, they wouldn't be doing this.

    Damn you pirates! Yargh!!!

    I just wonder if the DRM is going to going to save them money (via less pirated games thus people buy more) or cost them money (bad publicity, making legitimate buyers of games angry and deliberately not buying Ubisoft's games).

    Also, if AC2 if reeeeally good on PC, I think people will just bite the bullet. But if it's an average console port, then sales might be very disappointing...

    Ubisoft are just encouraging the game to be distributed through torrents.

    Free torrents.

    Anyways, the perfect DRM, would be none (or just the use of Steam) because (like Spore) it encourages piracy.

    What happens when they no longer support this ridiculous DRM system in a few years time? I can understand not being able to play multiplayer games anymore because there's no community but not being able to play a $50+ single player game because there's no DRM servers is pathetic.

    So it doesn't close the game, it just pauses it or drags you back to the last checkpoint. So much more convenient, and I'm sure the difference will really be appreciated by the PC gaming community

    I've played a number of the Settlers games, and quite enjoyed them. I've bought all the ones I've played.

    I only tend to play and buy 3-4 games a year on my PC, given the price point, and Settlers would have been one of them this year (along with Bioshock 2, etc). It's a real shame, because I don't want to punish the developers for the stupidity of their publisher, but I certainly won't be buying anything that works the way this is suggested.

    Ubisoft, you're like that frog in Flood, trying to stay above the water by equiping a really stupid array of weapons. And we all know how that ended. Ok, I think I've lost my point somewhere in here...

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