Ubisoft Unveils New Ghost Recon Title

Ubisoft Paris announced this morning that it's working on a new entry in the Ghost Recon series, titled Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. And yes, you've heard that name before.

It'll feature both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, while the publisher also promises beta access to anyone buying Splinter Cell Conviction on the 360 later this year.

The beta will run this summer, with the game out sometime around Christmas.

And...t hat's it. No more info. So enjoy the logo above, then imagine Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, only with laser guns.


    I guess its just a numbers thing and trilogies like LotR and Star Wars and the ORIGINAL Indiana Jones.

    But i view a lot of things to be in trilogies or just one-of's

    Could be an OCD sorta thing, but it irritates me when they do something like Advanced Warfighter and make two games then move on to something different. I bet they do the same with Rainbow Six and ditch Vegas and move on to something new and just have ONE sequel. Vegas were actually decent games so a third is welcome (and wanted).

    Eh, just hope this looks good i suppose.

    I hope they tighten up the controls. I tried playing these games after playing Rainbow 6 Vegas, it was just awful in comparison...

    I have to admit, I was not at all interested in Advanced Warfighter when it came out... but I'm willing to Ghost Recon it a go now... post CoD4 everything got better =D

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