Uncharted 2 Score Now Available On Something Called A "CD"

Kotaku's game of the year, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, has spawned an official soundtrack which you can now purchase in physical form at your local record store on a "compact disc". Fascinating!

Greg Edmonson's score for the PlayStation 3 action-adventure has been - as Naughty Dog points out on the PlayStation.blog - available on iTunes for some time. The expanded version, adding three tracks, has just been released and should be at a Peaches or Sam Goody or Camelot Music near you at this very second.

Naughty Dog has offered a preview of the missing trio of tracks at the PlayStation.blog if you're curious. It's perfect for your next rock climbing outing!

UNCHARTED 2 Soundtrack in Stores Today [PlayStation.blog]


    Arn't those CD things dead yet? I thought for the teens we had completely adopted digital download and for a physical copy it was vinyl.

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