Unreal Engine 4 "Still A Long Ways Off"

Attending the DICE gaming summit to promote his company's Unreal Engine technology and celebrate the conclusion of the Make Something Unreal modding contest, Epic Games' Mark Rein said that the next generation of Unreal game-making tech is a ways off.

Rein told Kotaku that work is still underway on Unreal Engine 4, but that the release of the tech is "still a long ways off". How long off? "Unreal Engine 4 is designed for the day we get massively multi-core processors," he said, declining to say how many processers are needed to be defined as "massively multi". The Xbox 360 and PlayStation three, which each have a few to several cores don't count. And, he said, the next generation of consoles may not qualify either.

Rein believes UE3 has a lot of life yet, pointing to the top entries of the Make Something Unreal contest (more on that later) and the continued advances in the UE3 tech. The last time Epic wanted to show how far Unreal Engine had come along, Epic demonstrated Gears of War 2. Time to show us Gears of War 3? The DICE summit is not where Mark Rein was making announcements.


    "The Xbox 360 and PlayStation three, which each have a few to several cores don’t count. And, he said, the next generation of consoles may not qualify either."

    So. . . UE4 could be at least ten years away?

    “Still A Long Ways Off”

    Because the textures haven't loaded yet like with U3 engine, am I right?

    Warcroft, I wouldn't say 'at least'...

    If I had to guess, the next generation of consoles will be definitely 2-3 years away, and I doubt thanks to the success of the Unreal Engine 3 they wouldn't just, y'know... stop... something tells me he was just caught on the spot, and 'massively multi' means he just doesn't know... as if their plan isn't to release a new engine with new generation hardware. :/

    UE3, still have life? He has got to be kidding me.
    Okay it may have life - but the quality of those games, no life in those!

    UE3 was great. But it has had its run. I don't entirely know how it all works with dev's using someone else's technology, in this case Epic's UE3. But Epic, since creating the engine themself, had total access to it for Gears 2 and thrashed it to the max to make it what Gears of War 2 was.

    I don't know if all dev's have that control over anothers technology. Heck their was a lawsuit with whoever made Too Human or something cause they were using the engine in a way the other company didn't allow.

    A few years back Epic said that UE4 was to be ready for the next gen. This was before Sony and MS said about their 10 year cycle. UE4 will most likely come out on THIS GEN only IF Sony and MS stick to their word of having that 10 year life span.

    I think they're just trying to talk up their product a little with the "next gen of consoles may not qualify either". It a situation like their in and with the product their attempting to sell/talk up - they really shouldn't. Cause once it is released, its either gonna embarrass the fark outta them with all their lies or actually be quite good.

    "playstation three"? Haha, why not 'xbox three-sixty'?

    This probably means UE4 is coming out in less than 18 months. They wouldn't want to say it was coming out less than three years away because no one would buy UE3 then. (It's the why commit to something as the basis for your product, that you know is going to be depreciated by the time your product hits shelves? Type of sales tanker)

    Yep, UE4, real soon.

    Duke Nukem forever : they might be using the Unreal engine 3, so maybe they are waiting for the realse of that xD

      DNF is actually on a heavily modified Unreal 2 last time I heard... either way, if they were waiting for that, we'd be here a long time...

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