Unsurprisingly, Dante's Inferno Not Available In Middle East

Electronic Arts has elected not to offer Dante's Inferno for sale in the Middle East, for reasons that should probably be obvious. That makes three of the first four big action games for 2010 officially unavailable in that region.

Note that's "officially unavailable" because as Arab-language site GamesLatest notes, bans or other types of restrictions haven't really stopped people from getting their hands on a game. But Dante's Inferno joins Darksiders and God of War III - apparently a touchy title simply for having the word "God" in it - as ludi non grata so far in 2010. Bayonetta, however, is available.

In a statement attributed to Electronic Arts, GamesLatest notes the publisher "decided not to release Dante's Inferno in the Middle East after an evaluation process which is based on consumer tastes, preferences, platform mix and other factors." I'm thinking "other factors" included "no freaking way this gets government approval".

Dante's Inferno Banned! [GamesLatest]


    Bloody hell, they gotta get over themselves. I've never heard such a load of wank.

      Having no r-18 catagory maybe?

      Nice demonstration of cultural tolerance there Hamish, I hear Australians are renowned for it. Oooh, I think I hear a dingo making off with something...

        Cultural tolerance is one thing. Acknowledging, accepting, and acceding to backwards religions and their despotic governments is just stupidity. There are certain things in this world which are objectively 'good'. Thing like equal rights between the sexes, for example, and we can't just accept women being classified as sub-human because it's "a different culture."

    Yeah, cause you really have a profound understanding of their culture Michael...

    They look at us ogling DOA women on our psps and huge billboards with women wearing pieces of strings for clothes as backwards.

      Yes, and it is so "forward" to not allow a woman to leave the house without a male. Or to force them to wear a burqa.

      I forgot that all those suffragettes were fighting so hard for equality to try to take us 'backwards' into the dark ages...

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