Valve Will Return To The PS3 (Eventually)

Right now, Valve and the PlayStation 3 don't see eye to eye. Doesn't mean it'll always be that way.

Valve writer Chet Faliszek has told Edge, "Before we do anything on the PS3 we need to be able to support it in the right way."

"But we'll look at it, and I'm sure down the road we'll do it".

Lucky the PS3 has a ten year life cycle!

Preview: Left4Dead 2: The Passing [Edge]


    = "when there's more money to be made there we will make games for it, not just gimped ports"

      There is money to be made on the PS3. They just need the developers for it.

    This will be great if they do, one of the strongest reasons to have an XBOX is Valve, but I think Valve can't ignore that the PS3 is becoming more and more popular, if it means money to them, they will do it.

      I think Valve is shunning the Xbox too though, 1 whole update for TF2 compared to PC's 9000 updates for TF2.

      Oh well, at least the PC gamers get some lovin'

        They're not shunning 360...

        MS wants to charge for the TF2 Updates....Valve wants to do them for they're at loggerheads which is why there have been no updates to TF2 on 360

        So yeah...

    "If we can find a way to make the same 60 bucks per unit without having to invest twice as much as on Xbox or PC, then maybe we will get back to PS3"

    It is all greed and inflexibility on Valve's part.

      I didn't realise running a business profitably is not called Greed??

      Anyway who cares... Valve games are all FPS - they belong on a PC. Buy a PC for God's sake!!

    I know some developers say that it is quite difficult to develop for the PS3 but sometimes its just laziness on the developers part.

      Even though i prefer my non-exclusives for my Xbox, i totally couldn't agree more.

      Obviously they want to make money more than anything. But a lot have acted like the PS3 is some new hard ware from an unknown manufacturer, not the manufacturer to had the highest selling console of the past 2 gens.

      Its obvious the Playstation has lost a lot of its ground compared to other consoles - but everyone knows what a PS is, its not a dead machine, its picking up.

      But even though the Slim has given more people to opportunity to buy a PS3 and people ARE doing that - games seem to still be selling better on the 360 than the PS3. Not just online games or anything.

      But dev's could still pick up a little and put more effort. Valve just seem to brag about that fact that they don't develop for the PS3 or care much for it. Okay - you have Steam, go you. Sony are bigger than you anyway, sometimes you gotta get over yourselves.

        I really don't think you're getting the point here, they're don't develop as a favour to anyone, it's a business.

        If creating games for the ps3 requires Valve (with their engine designed originally for pc and fiddled to work on a 360) takes more time/effort than its worth to make work right on the ps3 then they wont.

        It's just that simple. I assure you, it isn't fanboyism or laziness it's a limitation. They'd be doing it if it'd make them money.

      the only thing is i assume that difficulty and costly generally go together.

    If Valve want to ignore us PS3 owners then I'm cool with that. But if/when HL2:Episode 3 comes out it MUST BE FOR THE PS3 AS WELL!!!

      If ep3 comes to the ps3 then i hope they rerelease the rest of Half Life for us too so it's less buggy and has trophies.

    I don't why they try and pass off that it's a good thing that they cant develop, or have the resources for the ps3 as if it's a virtue. Bioware have done a absolutely smashing with it, and they've only just began working with it. Fact is as the ps3 base grows, as it is quite fast right now, they are ignoring a huge pie of the gaming community, and they are becoming less relevant in the gaming arena.

    When it comes down to it though, like Alan Wake suddenly not coming to the PC, I say to them, meh, loss of 1 sale in some cases simple as that.

    Call my cynical, But I'm not overly hyped for valve on PS3.

    Ps3 is my platform of choice, but while TF2 is good fun, and I enjoyed halflife and portal (and while yes i realize they have other games) I have to say, if they don't want to develop for it thats their call, Ps3 is, IMHO really coming into it's own at the moment, and hell after Bad Company 2 hits, who cares about valve :)

    Valve are really not money grabbing compared to...well pretty much every other game dev. They support and update their games free for years after they release.

    But whatever way you look at it, they are a PC developer first and foremost and that means you will only get a port. And now that pretty much every PC game is a console port, you can fuck off if you want Valve too. You want to play FPS on inferior systems? Go for it. But you've taken enough developers already.

    Personally I'm more interested in Valve supporting "aiming down the sights" in their next game.
    They're shooting mechanics feel dated without and are a let down to what are otherwise fantastic games.

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