Want Your Sonic Classic Collection In A Tin?

Want Your Sonic Classic Collection In A Tin?

Some of you are suckers for limited edition extras. OK, some of us. Alright, me. I’m a sucker for limited edition extras. With the upcoming Sonic Classic Collection for Nintendo DS, there’s a special tin version available. Do you want it?

It’s a good retro game pack for DS. Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Sonic & Knuckles, all tweaked to suit the DS. You can get the vanilla version for $49.95 RRP.

For an extra $20 you can get the pack in a special tin. Along with the tin, you get five Sonic art cards. Yep, that’s pretty well standard ‘special edition’ fare. But the cute little 5cm Sonic figurine could send a few people over the top.

If they’d have made that tin a proper little lunchbox, I would so be buying it to send off with my kids to school.


      • Rush Adventure was pretty solid too, once you got past all the story crap and straight into pure time-trialling. And about 60% of Sonic Unleashed was good fun (that 60% being any period of time that you weren’t playing as the werehog).

  • If they had lunchbox tins of these I would go buy a couple, HAVE a couple of children, and send them off the school with them a few years later.

  • I’ll probs pick it up. Sonic is awesome, especially the classic games, and to have them all in one bundle on DS is worth paying for. Come on though Sega, $20 bucks, for a tin and some cards? That’s surely a bit steep…

  • Sorry but for an extra $20 that seems like a rip off. I could get one of those proper vinyl figures for that.

  • tweaked for the DS…?

    Could they be giving an extra screen to the bottom of the game to play similarly to Sonic Rush???

    OMG thatd be awesome!! I might get a bit of hate from this but i loved Sonic Rush, even more so than Sonic 3 (My first sonic game back in primary) and the option to make it dual screen would make it just fine and dandy.

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