Warcraft App: Block This Application, Or Block This Friend?

As if we don't see enough lost sad cows and free poker chips spamming us on Facebook, now The Armory has put out a Warcraft Facebook app that will publish a constant feed of everyone's heroic deeds.

The Armory says the app supports up to five characters and will publish accomplishments like level gains, achievements and boss kills, which will be great for your Warcraft savvy friends but confusing as hell for grandma and that hot chick from your high school class you just friended.

The app's only requirement is that it be able to verify you have a World of Warcraft licence linked to Battle.net. Any more questions? Read the FAQ.

Kotaku AU Note: Anyone on my friends list who adds this app gets blocked, instantly.

The Armory on Facebook [The Armory via VE3D]


    Note to Kotaku AU: If its an app, you can block the app rather then the person ;)

      I think the person also deserves to be blocked.

        But then how will you taunt them?

        I agree 100%. The WoW app on facebook is merely the symptom of a greater problem. "The fish rots from the head" as they say....

    Facebook purity is your friend!

    World of Warcraft is one of those skeletons in your closest you should not tell anyone about.

    Elitist much? looking down at people who play video games and share achievements on a website such as this strikes me as hypocritical.

      Not really, you have gamers, then you have World of Warcraft players at the bottom of the barrel. Sure, it's just as retarded as any other class system but thats the way the world turns.

        mhm i kinda agree with this comment

      go back to Azeroth buddy

        i don't play, it just annoys me when people pick on others based on stereotypes.

      In Ogrimmar?

    LOL PSN trophy announcements is bad enough, but WoW ... is a whole other realm, and I doubt WoW players have time to facebook.

    why hate on the WoW players dave?

      I do it for anyone who spams Facebook with their gaming achievements. I don't discriminate.

    There is a difference between addicted to WoW, and playing a couple hours here and there. XFire says I have clocked up 300 WoW hours, that means nothing. Friend of mine will go for all the achievements, all of this, and all of that, and they are up in the 3K WoW hours.

    There is a difference people. WoW gamers can be social gamers. Not to mention WoW gamers arnt always ONLY WoW gamers. Bring on an ODST LAN anyday!

      PS. If you are that hot chick from uni, please dont delete me off your friends :(

    I was so waiting for this Facebook app to appear.

    Not because I care about broadcasting my WoW achievements to anyone at all.

    Rather because I can now take sweet, sweet revenge on all the mothers and aunties and Facebook addicts on my 'friends' list who've forced me to 'Hide' a countless number of Facebook gaming apps, like farmland, farmville, zoo island, pet land, pet island, farm island, restaurant city, restaurant petting zoo farm islandville...etc.

    It's unfortunate that they'll only need to Hide one single Facebook WoW app spam from me... but vengeance will be mine none-the-less.

    Oh yes.


    I refuse to feel bad for doing this, although I am glad there is an option to make sure that my friends don't see every little jump and skip I manage to achieve.

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