Warcraft Plushies Now Available

The cutest little transportation systems ever rendered in plushie form are now available for purchase at Blizzard's online store. At what price, cuteness?

The plush Gryphon Cub and Wind Rider Hatchling, which I sort of reviewed last week, are now on sale at the Blizzard online store, complete with code redeemable for in-game pet counterparts for each. Fluffy love doesn't come cheap, however, with the bundles of joy running $US24.99 a pop, but WoW players have paid more for in-game pets in the past, and none of those have every hugged back.


    I willbe getting both of these. I love plushies, but own very few myself. These are adorable! And I collect pets in-game in WoW (I have the pandaran monk, but not lil'KT alas), so it's a double bonus.

    I think the wyvern is just a /little/ cuter, if only because of the cute lil' fangs.

    My girlfriend has already ordered her pair, grrr! I'm hoping to next pay. I hope they are as soft as advertised, I love silky-soft plushies. :)

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