We Now Know How Many Of You Have A HD Television

Last week, I asked you to let us know how many of you owned a high definition television set. Your answers are now in. Let's take a look!

I posed the question because, in the wake of comments from Epic's Mark Rein and the continuing discussion over games which cater to owners of HDTVs, I was curious to see just how many of you are affected by things like Mass Effect 2's tiny text.

Turns out, not many. 77.9 per cent of you told us you have a high definition TV set. For those still kicking it in the standard definition era, your reasons for staying were varied, 45.6 per cent saying the more modern televisions were too expensive, 24.4 per cent of you saying you - like I did for a while there - get by using your console on a PC monitor, and 17 per cent saying you were perfectly happy with standard definition, thank you very much.

Now, we're not going to claim this is a scientific study. The purchasing habits of Kotaku readers may/do not dovetail with those of the "average" consumer. But you know what, we had 13,245 responses, so average or not, that's one hell of a sample group.

In the interests of transparency, you can see the full results spread below. Note that all votes cast were guarded against duplication by both IP address and cookies.


    A quick trip down to JB will show you they have some cheap 40-50" panels of lesser quality brands. A trip to Good Guys and you'll see some CRAZY cheap 40-50" panels of brands you've probably never heard of. Picture quality may not be the best compared to a 2K-3K model but its got to be better than your old picture tube at least and it will get you into the HD generation. Even if we have to drag your kicking and screaming.

      One thing I noticed with those cheap TVs were the fact that their energy ratings were horrible. At the end of the day, if your power bill increases by an amount significant enough to make the TV more expensive in the long run than the more expensive ones, is it really worth it?

      In any case, I can honestly say that games and Blu-Ray movies look a hell of a lot better on a Full HD 40" Bravia than they did on my old 34cm TV. Mind you, I did have to decrease the sharpness a bit for my Wii to make it look a little better, but otherwise, it's all good.

    Hmmm... confused

    If 2,929 answered NO, why are there 4,614 responses to "Why dont you have a HD TV?"

      Because 1,685 misread the poll and answered the second question after answering positive to the first. I'm guessing a lot of those answered 'too expensive' and 'PC monitor'.

      The survey allowed multiple responses I'm guessing - ie tick all that apply.

    "I don't have room for one"? What sort of dumb excuse is that? HDTVs aren't just 50"+ monsters... the ~20" screens are SMALLER than CRTs.

    That is a qood question Dans. I'm also thinking that a 'computer monitor' these days is probably running at higher-than-1080p if it wants to, and would have more screen estate than my old TV did :P

    I don't quite understand the argument that HD screens are too expensive. I bought my TV on a 24mth no interest, no deposit plan at a major retailer and it's worked out very well. So long as I pay off the $900 before 2 years are up, there's zero interest. This was a good quality Samsung 32" as well, I'm sure you could go down to as little as $600 or even less with a cheap brand. I'd hardly say $600 over 2 years is expensive at all.

    For around 600-800 you can get a decent HD TV, so there is no excuse unless your blind.

    I don't think there is any excuse not to own a HD TV that is still valid.

    "Only own a Wii so no need" - well I can tell you 480p looks great on a HD TV and using component cables it will be a huge improvement if you aren't already.

    "I don't have room for one" - 32inch will fit anywhere even in the toilet! Poor excuse.

    "I'm perfectly happy with standard definition" - You obviously never seen the quality of Blu-Ray movies or games that run in 1080p. You probably watch VHS and are still unsure about DVD.

    "There too expensive" - If you believe this then your priorities are confused and you don't know how little they cost. Cut other expenses and you can afford one very easily.

    "I use a PC monitor" - Fair enough. I don't have a problem with this statement provided the screen is decent a size (24" plus) and does a recent rez and can display 1080p.

    This is just my biased opinion. But I believe I make some valid points.

      well it appears you are extremely biased. for some people its not a priority to spend money on a tv when the one they have still works (which is my point of view). I have a 42 inch plasma, but its not hd, its only sd (first gen, got it for free after doing some work for a friend). If I didn't have that then I would still have my old CRT 68cm.

      also you can put me well and truely in the they are too expensive group, why should I pay $2000+ for a good screen. I know there are cheaper ones but this pricing is rediculous, instead of trying to bring craptacular 3d and have our vision screwed over how about they just concertrate on getting the manufacturing costs down.

        Hey i use one of those as well! They actually make PS2 games look quite good lol.

        You got it for free? Wow thats awesome, at the time i bought it (around 2001) they were like 8-9k ea, We managed to snag one at 4k using a voucher my dad got from work.


      The wii looks good on HDTVs?? No it doesnt, its aliased to hell and looks awful. And people arent allowed to be happy with standard def? If you sit at a reasonable viewing distance the human eye can barely tell the difference (ie the image takes up the same amount of space in your eye regardless of the TVs size because its ideal). HDTVs are a high priority item? Seriously? Yeah, sure, who needs to pay bills/rent or buy food when you can play games in HD?

      Geez, what kind of world do some people live in? Let me guess- one where they live at home and dont pay for anything?...

    Yeah it sucks but it's a case of upgrade or be left behind. You had to do it with floppy and CD drives (and you intransigent bastards held us back from DVD only releases for 5 bloody years), you had to do it with that 15" CRT monitor that delivered a staggering 800x600 and you had to do it with your 3dfx voodoo banshee when a game came out that looked remotely decent

    I didn't notice a huge difference between playing on a HD and my SD TV. I really don't care, if you guys want to be asses and act like there's no reason I shouldn't have one, buy it for me.

    Give it time.

    Full HD is coming down in price and size. Next gen will probably target Full HD native resolution and use HDMI only, so they'll wait for additional HD market penetration.

    But yes, I think now 1080p is the settled standard and the devices are getting smaller and cheaper, we'll see exponential adoption of the technology.

    32" LCD Full HD is now about 1000-1200. They will only get cheaper.

    if you could choose multiple answers, whys is the data arranged in a pie chart? assuming you could only answer the second question if you said no to the first, here, i fixed your numbers:

    too expensive: 72%
    use a PC monitor: 38%
    happy with SD: 27%
    don't have room: 12%
    HD? is that a new Wii peripheral?: 8%

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