We're At X10, In The Shadow Of Apple?

Fable III is at X10. Alan Wake is at X10. Bungie is at X10, presumably with you-know-what. And so too is Kotaku. Brian Crecente has just hustled himself into Microsoft's big 2010 gaming showcase out in San Francisco.

He shot me over some photos and notes that the event's got some signage issues. Outside, you've got your happy Xbox 360 Avatars printed on cheerful signs.

But above the venue you've got this Apple billboard. Don't they know this is Xbox turf today?


    No, I'm sure that's completely accidental.

    Don't Microsoft own Apple?
    Shouldn't they be able to prevent stuff like this?

      Microsoft own Apple? How old are you?

        Old enough to know the truth?

    hu cares, i got a 360 nd an ipod touch.

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