What Are The Chances Of Final Fantasy XIII In 3D?

With 3D becoming increasingly dominate, people are starting to have questions that they never would have had before. Questions like:

Are you considering releasing the game in 3D?

That's what some dude asked Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase just that. "We don't know how possible it is to build the game in 3D but we are interested in it," he replied. "In fact, we have already created a 3D Final Fantasy XIII trailer, which is currently showing in Japanese cinemas alongside the film Avatar."

That trailer is currently only available in Japan, but Kitase noted that there might be an opportunity for a wider release in the future.

Fingers crossed that people don't start asking developers this about every single big game that comes out. The tech might be there, but the install base isn't just yet.

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    Are you kidding, i mean think about it, a large percentage of gamers do not even have HD sets and are quite happy with their SD sets. What makes people think that the majority of gamers are suddenly going to jump into 3D, most people wouldn't be botherd because they are happy with their current set up nor do they have the money. It isn't even at the point where it offers a new level of interaction but rather is more of a gimmick at this point. I would much rather prefere a good 2D game than a average 3D game.

    As this would be fun in some games, mostly survival horror genre. I could not see it being made for many games...one reason the fact it cost a lot to manufacture such games (to get good quality that is) and just like above by legless joe, I would prefer a well-made 2D game, than some B-Rated 3D. But horror survival would be my pick for games that should give this a go~

    If they can make it work with current day HDTV while simultaneously making the 3D glasses a bit comfier I would give it a go. I don't fancy gaming for 4 hours straight wearing a piece of sharp plastic over my face :S

    As an avid Home Theater lover I can say with certainty that I couldn't give 2 flying shits about 3D.

    I wish I lived in Japan...3D games ads before a movie.

    Given the damage 3D does to your brain and eyesight (search for long term effects of optical dysphoria) I don't think they will risk the lawsuits.

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