What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I finished Heavy Rain during the week. My second playthrough is on hold for two reasons.

One, I want to allow time for my my version of the story to sink in. It's too soon to return and take back those actions over which I agonised. I don't want to render them meaningless just yet.

Two, I have Final Fantasy XIII here. I played an hour of the PS3 review code on Friday and, well... I pressed X a lot. I had planned to write a "First Hour Of..." post, but given how little actually happens in that opening sixty minutes there seemed little point. We'll see how the subsequent hours unfold.

Where will your gaming hours be spent this weekend?


    I picked up Battlefield Bad Company from EB Games for $20 during the week so I might get stuck in to that to earn some trophies and familiarise myself with that game before Battlefield Bad Company 2 comes out because that looks awesome!

    I will be playing a bit of Spec Ops with a mate later tonight, so in between that and the amount of house work I have on today. I will be taking my time with Heavy Rain. I really want to take my time to explore the options and really think about what I am doing.

    Have a good weekend everyone! Time for a coffee.

    Jealous that your playing FXIII.

    Currently slogging through Star Ocean: The Last Hope on 360 broken up with some frantic Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.

    Interested in hearing your comments on FFXIII. Will probably just end up leaving me further confused as to wether to get the game though, so many different opinions on it.

    It'll be kinda odd if I don't end up getting it though. This was the game that made me choose a PS3 over the 360 (mere months before the multi-plat announcement)

    As for me this weekend, pretty busy. If I do get time I might end up getting stuck into something from the Telltale games pack (still working my way through my steam christams buys... shouldn't even be thinking about FF)

    Giving Darksiders demo a bash, then probably stomp me some face in Yakuza 3 demo. Can't seem to stop playing that, for some reason.

    Sigh with the Bad Company 2 PC beta servers down until launch on the 4th of March and after playing through Mass Effect 2 4 times and a recent entire runthrough of Assassin's Creed after i had downloaded sequence 12 & 13 i don't have that much i want to play :P

    Gonna find something to play but what it is i don't know. My mind has gone astray and is just anticipating BC2, C&C4 and DoW2: Chaos Rising :P.

    I'll be finishing my first play through of Heavy Rain and it's first episode. I'll also finish off Shadow of Chernobyl and spend a bit of time in Hammer.

    Still plodding along through ME2. Th loving partner has work all weekend so hopefully knock that over. Maybe with a hint of GOW 1 & 2 (refresher) and Final Fantasy 4 thown in too. Nothing beats alittle spoony bardness!!!

    Darn you for having it earlier than us! *shakes fist*

    This weekend will probably be filled with Heavy Rain, if the sky outside my window is anything to go by...

    Bit of Star Trek Online, maybe some more Mass Effect 2... Really should play more of Dragon Age...

    Modern Warfare 2 as well. As soon as BC2 comes out, that will become my go-to multiplayer game.

    I’ll be playing Borderlands online with people I don’t know, I’m surprised that the online actually is usually pretty lag free, although I do get disconnected from time to time. The only problem I have with the online is that everyone gets XP and money no matter what they did in the mission. Case in point, I joined a game and instantly I was given the gold trophy for killing some boss a lot of money and some XP, then I was booted by the host. But I still made half a level in like 5 mins.

    I also tried to play that Sonic game you sent me today, and I got to about the second boss before rage quitting, I just can’t do it, even my tolerance for bad gameplay has its limits.

    I'm playing mostly Tatsunoko Vs Capcom.

    For me it's Heavy Rain .. and finishing off Uncharted 2 (late, I know).. maybe start Bioshock 2.

    making the push to 70 on MW2 - want to try out the AK.

    Im getting rid of Dantes Inferno (EB seven day trade in) and getting Civilisation Revolution.
    Dantes Inferno is really pissing my off with it poor play mechanics. Some areas you die over and over with no real fault of your own.
    really aggravated me. Which is a shame because I was really looking forward to its release.

    And for some reason, the past couple of days, Ive been wanting a complete change of game.
    I think Ive hit a wall with games and have decided to head off in a different direction.

    Im 35 and have about had enough of all these fast paced, over the top, hack and slash, shooting, explosion games.

    Big thanks to Kotaku and the indi game coverage lately! I grabbed Cogs and was playing that last night.
    Now Ive got all your other current 'Mile Marker' articles open in separate tabs, about to go through and see what I like.

      consider getting into street fighter and learning it, it is good. or get into heroes of newerth beta :D.

    Heavy Rain...

    I also can't see myself playing this again straight away, it's just not that type of game (plus I have enough unfinished to continue on with). Absolutely loving it though.

    Obviously to everyone, to be very careful on talking about Heavy Rain if you are playing it... certainly can be spoilerfest game...

    Playing AC2 DLC's, and waiting for Bad company 2 to be released =( cant come fast enough

    Started playing League of Legends... addictive I'll say that :|

    Knocked off Heavy Rain in the early hours of Friday morning. Ended up playing it in French. I was really surprised how bad the english voice acting from watching the trailers, considering it was solid in fahrenheit. As soon as I heard Jason speak (i seriously thought it was part of the story that he had severe autism) and Ethan say "pulhoon", I knew it was going to be cringeworthy. Thoroughly recommend it in French, and not in a pretentious douche way.

    i am going to play street fighter 4 and heroes of newerth.

    im still waiting for super street fighter 4 though.

    Street Fighter 4, finally digging into the Sam and Max series, and I'm hoping to pickup heavy rain, if not Valkyria Chroniclesa

    Does anyone in Australia have access to the Starcraft 2 Beta?

    Well, Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows took a little longer than expected last weekend. If you think the amount of collectibles in Crackdown is insane then you should try playing Spider-Man: WoS (There's over 2000 of the friggin' things).

    Anyway, this weekend I'll be working my way through Gears Of War, If I finish that I'll go on to either Saints Row 2 or Eleder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

    Also want to try and squeeze in some Monkey Island SE as I didn't get around to playing it last weekend.

    Finished Mass Effect2 a 2nd time.
    May start Dragon Age or Bioshock 2 next...

    Modern Warfare 2. Can't seem to get enough of upgrading those weapons...

    So I take it that you liked Heavy Rain, David?

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