What Happens On Xbox LIVE When You Press A+A+A

While at work, reader Mike got an email on his telephone from Xbox confirming his purchase of a LIVE Gold subscription. But Mike is an Xbox LIVE Silver Member. And he was out 40 bucks.

"I called home, and jokingly told my wife that she had some explaining to do," says Mike. "She didn't know what I was talking about, so I asked if there were any purchases she might have made that I should know about." Mike thought maybe she bought it for him as a surprise. His wife, however, had no idea what he was talking about.

She did mention that their three-year-old son had walked up to her with a powered-on Xbox controller asking her to play the "cars game" - Forza 3, that is.

"So it seems that my son turned on the Xbox with the controller, tapped the A button 3 times, and spent 40 bucks," says Mike. "This is completely understandable since he knows how to turn it on, and the green button is about the only one he ever pushes when pretending to play games."

Microsoft, to its credit, was quick to offer a refund. And in order to avoid any future problems, Mike removed his credit card from his Xbox LIVE account.

"But I think it's pretty stupid that it's this simple for a three-year-old to make such a large purchase," says Mike. "Why on earth does my Xbox default to that upgrade offer anyway?"

Money, Mike, to make money.


    WTF! he got a refund?!?! That must have hurt microsoft quite a bit.

    how the hell did he get his credit card removed from the account without calling microsoft. Last i checked that was not an option.

      So long as there is no outstanding purchases like current gold subscription; you can remove it on xbox.com.

        No kidding? I had to jump through hoops, calling Microsoft, to have credit card details removed from my Xbox (and cancel that ridiculous auto-renewal scheme). At the end of the process, I was told that I could never use that credit card and console together again. Can anyone think of a technical explanation for that absurdity?

          I had to do the same, and was told the same, there cant be any reason for it. that i can think of.

            It took effort to do and therefore must have a logiocal reason since it cost them money to implement.

            Its probably something like a blocking system to prevent people who have thier system stolen having their credit card abused because its on the system. If the console is nicked, they can get the card removed and even if the thief had written down the details, it wouldn't work again.

    Here's a tip Mike - how about not letting your three year old play around with $400 worth of equipment? Controllers away, console out of reach. It's not hard.

      Maybe keep his kid in a box too Kato?

        It should be down in the coal mines where all children belong.

          Pah, everybody knows the coal mines are finished. Sweatshops are the mines of the new millenium.

    I would like to know how you get an "email on your telephone".

      Yeah what sort of nightmare future is this? Email on a telephone? Whats next, different ring sounds? Storing dozens of CDs on a card the size of a fingernal? GPS??

        Dont start making crazy guesses at where technology might take us. Before you know it, you'll say I can access the entire internet from my phone!

          Haha, Whoops. When he said telephone I didn't even think of mobiles, I automatically thought of a landline phone.

          Oh well, we all make mistakes. Good to see you guys have a sense of humour :)

    Kato clearly doesn't have kids.

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