What Is Deux Ex: Human Revolution?

Well, it's a trademark filing, that's what.

Square Enix Europe, formerly Eidos, has trademarked Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This could either be the official name for Deus Ex 3, the upcoming prequel entry in the cyber-punk series or it could be a spin-off.

With Deus Ex 3 on the horizon and taking into account the game's teaser trailer, the "Human Revolution" subtitle makes a heap of sense.

The upcoming entry in the series will apparently feature a more lively pace than previous titles.

Have You Heard Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution? [Siliconera]


    Oooo doesn't it just make you tingle all over. Another Deus Ex! Can't wait!

      Agree +1!

        Agreed again. However fingers crossed it doesn't become some bland FPS. Please please please remember what made the original Deus Ex so great - Even Game of the Decade according to certain media.

    OOh "more lively pace". I hope it's an on-rails shooter on the wii. I'm still super dirty about invisible war.

    Invisible War wasn't a bad game. In fact, it was quite a good game. It just wasn't a good Deus Ex game.

    I'm going to approach this as a completely new IP and see if it stands up alone, because the chances of it standing up as a worthy sequel to the muddled, messy masterpiece that was Deus Ex are slim. It just isn't the same gamer culture anymore. Even if we get essentially more of the first game, we won't hold it in as high acclaim.

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