What's Happened To Nintendo's "New Play Control"?

When first announced, Nintendo's line of "New Play Control" games seemed like a great idea. Repackage games from the criminally unloved GameCube, then sell them onto a massive audience that missed them first time around. So what's happened?

It's been over a year since the first "New Play Control" title was released in Japan, and since then, only a handful of games have been "updated" for the Wii with new features like Wii Remote compatibility and 16:9 visuals. And not many of them are any good (Eh? They're all good! - AU Ed.).

So come on, Nintendo. Where are the rest? There are dozens of titles released on the GameCube that are due a second lease on life. Titles like these.

We've gone ahead and made a selection of some of the games we think are most deserving of a Wii re-release. Some, like Wind Waker, are purely for the 16:9 visuals. Others, like F-Zero, are because they're amazing games that never received the sales, or credit they were due, all because they were released on the poor little GameCube.

Also selected are a couple of amazing games that used Nintendo's fun, but under-utilised Game Boy Advance connectivity. Re-release them on the Wii and you can just split the screen and let four players go at it. Finally, we've also picked out a few classic titles from third-party publishers, which to date are yet to be represented in the New Play Control line.

Mario Kart has sold over ten million copies on the Wii, and it wasn't even as good as Double Dash. Repackage the game with a new, whiter cover (to match Mario Kart Wii) and add Wii remote gameplay and it can be the easiest "sequel" Nintendo ever had to release.

Silicon Knights' port of the original Metal Gear Solid was a great remake, both in terms of its updated visuals and Nintendo cameos. It was never released in enough numbers to satisfy the needs of Metal Gear fans, so the least Konami and Nintendo could do would be to release it again.

Rebel Strike was probably the best of Factor 5's Star Wars games for Nintendo consoles. Anyone remember the fact it was the very first time you could get actual footage from a Star Wars movie on an optical disc?

A much better game than most gave it credit for, Billy Hatcher's egg-rolling gameplay is a revelation compared to most of the crap available on the Wii today. It also has the best damn intro song of all time.

Before he was famous for talking too much and releasing the awful Too Human, Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack was famous for this creepy thriller, which would be spoken of in the same breath as Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil if it hadn't been released solely on the GameCube.

A GBA-connectivity game that could shine on the Wii were four players simply given Wii Remotes and 1/4 of the screen.

My favourite Zelda game of all time. My favourite game of all time. I don't care much for Wii Remote controls, but I'd love to see it in widescreen.

WipeOut may be the most famous "futuristic anti-grav racer" of all time, but this is probably better. On harder tracks it's an eye-melting blur, and like many games on this list, deserves another shot at the market.

No game needs a New Play Control re-release more than this. The amount of fun you can have playing Four Swords is almost indescribable, and if Nintendo could get it running on the Wii, a lot of people would be made very, very happy.


    I like how scruffy thinks.

    Yes, yes, yes, YES!!

    Looking forward to the "deep" games. (Twin Snakes, Eternal Darkness)

      You realise these are just suggestions right? Nintendo AREN'T releasing these...

        You just wrecked Johnathon's day.

    which reminds me, where the hell is pikmin 3? i'm thinking new play control pikmin 1&2 was a test, and it failed so pikmin 3 got scrapped.

    Couldnt agree with you more with F-Zero GX, playing it with the wiimote/classic controller in 16:9, 480p would be amazing.

    Man what I would give to be able to play my copy of Windwaker :(

    I sold my Gamecube and ALL of it's peripherals after buying a Wii, not knowing you can't play GC games on the Wii without a GC controller.

    So it sits there, dusty and unfinished. I was just a few piece away from recovering the entire triforce.


      Here you go, sir, plenty of Gamecube controllers to be found on eBay.

      Hey Brendan ill buy some games off you if you want!

    oh great, that song is now meleded to my brain.

    Er... Pac Man Vs wouldn't work with player 1 having their screen up on the TV with everyone else's. The whole point of it was that he could see the entire play field on the GBA screen and the ghosts could only see the immediate area around them up on the TV.

    Oh well, I already own all of these anyway :P
    Well, except Rebel Strike. But that was basically the same game as Rogue Leader so it hardly counts.

      Killer7 hands-down for me.

      Throw DS compatability there. The fact that the DS can work with the Wii, just a shame it's use donly for dloading demos :c

    I may be alone here but the original crystal chronicals.

    Now unplayable due to the fact that I no longer own (nor does anyone else I live with) a GBA. If they could get it working with the DS that would be totaly tits.

    I still have the means to play Wind Waker in its original form, but I would gladly pay for a widescreen/480p version with Twilight Princess controls. VERY gladly.

    Im unsure to listen to anything written by someone rating Windwaker as Best Zelda Game never mind Favourite Game of All Time. And who feels the need to shit on Wii at every opportunity. Other than that its all "Lets look at what decent GCN games there were- and get the work experience kid to photoshop them". I still rate the Wavebird as my favourite controller of all time btw. Any news of when Oz gets the redesigned Wii Classic Controller?

    As long as you have component cables - aren't most gamecube games already widescreen 480p enhanced? My gamecube games already look sweet and widescreen (not stretched) playing them on my wii through component cables...unless I'm hallucinating?

    I don't have much to add to this, but I am loving Metroid Prime 1 and 2 at the moment. The 'cube versions were a little too frustrating for me and never completed them. Wii controls make them great (and, yes, the reduced difficulty)

    I've been prayin for a new and/or remake of Eternal Darkness. Pikmin 3 has been buggin me too. I've heard nothing about it. Wasn't there an ad in Edge magazine not too long ago of grass with a lil' purple blot that people were speculating was gonna be Pikmin 3??

    Stupid Kotaku, for a second there I thought these were games that WERE out in Japan with New Play.

    *waits for heart rate to return to normal*

    If there is one game that truly deserves the updated controls, it's Battalion Wars. Oh how I wish my beloved BW could be played with the excellent BWii control sceme.

    ^ Expanding on my first comment, I think BW is a much better pick for New Play, as like Pikmin 1 and 2 the game screamed out for a proper method of cursor control when it came out on the Cube. Don't get me wrong, I'd be first in line for a Wind Waker ported to the Wii, but I still think most of the games in this article wouldn't benefit greatly at all from the Wii controls, at least as much as something like Battalion Wars, or one game that needed it most of all; Killer 7

      and yet Mario Tennis got "updated"?

    Well if you don't update frequently then it looses interests from people. Looking forward to Metaroid :)

    TimeSplitters 2 would be a good game to use New Play Control, I found the controls on the original way to stiff. It would also be a good warm up for TimeSplitters 4 if Crytek UK (who now own Free Radical) decide to continue with the build.

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